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For those of you who voted for Barack Obama, what were your main reasons for voting for him?

Since this election will make a huge change in the direction of the United States for ever. Clearly the conservative view point did not resonate with half of the voters especially in the swing states. I would like to know what the reasons were for voting for Obama


Closing Statement from pat gilbert

Ok out of 152 comments I got 6 answers to my question.

1 answer was to vote against the rich

1 answer was to vote against Romney's intention to let the too big to fail fail and the jobs that would be lost

3 answers were because Romney did not respect women or pro choice

1 answer was because Romney represented lost jobs.

So to read into it a little with Women it was about pro choice

With men it was about jobs

In my experience this is typically what the left believes.

I do thank you for your forthright answers.

With this stuff the devil is in the details, I get a clear sense of unwillingness to look at the details.

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    Nov 8 2012: .
    1. I want the right to own my own body
    2. I do not believe that a fetus is a human
    3. I believe that birth control is the best way to reduce abortions
    4. When I was a newly-wed, putting my husband through school, Planned Parenthood provided affordable birth control and free well-woman check-ups.
    5. Planned Parenthood doesn't give abortions, and shame on those who say they do
    6. I believe that all are created equal and white men are not more equal than others
    7. Homosexuality is a condition of birth, Only a bisexual is capable of choosing. Anti-gay hate speech is unacceptable, as is inequality among any adult population. If you are in a heterosexual relationship, when did you choose to not go the other way. It is not mine to judge God's decisions.
    8. Rape is rape. There is no such thing as forced rape.
    9. If I am raped, God didn't cause it to happen. (1 out of 4 women are raped)
    10. I do not want to live in a theocracy. When religion becomes part of government, the religion is threatened - not enhanced.

    This said, I am very angry at Obama and wish that the Republicans hadn't become such hate/fear mongers. I used to be a Republican, but I will not treat my fellow citizens so disrespectfully. As much as I dislike Obama, I had to stand for the women and non-whites that Republicans hate.
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      Nov 8 2012: so why don't you vote for libertarians? the question was why obama, not what is the problem with romney
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        Nov 8 2012: Why are you so mean? The question was why did I vote for Obama. I answered it honestly.

        I suggest that you re-read the terms of service about speaking to people respectfully.
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        Nov 8 2012: If you need food, and the only food available is either a mars bar or a snickers, and you don't like either,, and you may only choose one, why would you choose the one you don't like the most. Why not choose the lesser of two bads? Is that so hard to wrap your head around?
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        Nov 11 2012: yes you can Kristian say ' i bought a mars bar because i don't like snickers.' its called a decision by default. Stop being mean. Gracie, I liked your comments re women.
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        Nov 11 2012: How do we know you aren't Miss Marple in a Krisztian Pinter disguise?
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        Nov 11 2012: Dear Krisztián,
        Why are you making such an issue of this? There are LOTS of images and names on TED that we know are not the REAL images and names of the participants. And what is there to "trust" when a person is simply sharing his/her own thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions?
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          Nov 11 2012: and they also not look real. you guys really have not problem with that? seems the moderators also don't.

          what is the chance he/she shares honest opinion using fake photo/name?
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          Nov 11 2012: I wonder if she really was a hot chick like in the picture, would we soften our stance on what she says?

          May this question better remain unanswered
        • Nov 11 2012: "There are LOTS of images and names on TED that we know are not the REAL images and names of the participants."

          Yeah, does anyone seriously think my real name is "John Smith"? This is the internet, people have to take precautions to protect their privacy.

          Why has Krisztian never wondered whether I'm really a man? Why is it so unbelievable that Grace really is a woman? This is TED, not some Tom's Hardware.
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        Nov 11 2012: Krisztián,
        Personally, I do not have a problem with it, because it is already a well established practice on TED. Yes, there are images and names that are clearly not real, AND there have been images and names that COULD be real....or not! So what if the name is fake...the image is fake and the opinion is fake? Do you honestly think that is not already happening at times? I don't think there is any logical or reasonable way to control that do you?

        I prefer interacting with people I think may be real people, but we never really know on the internet....do we?
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        Nov 11 2012: I'll give you an old example because I don't want to incriminate anyone now participating on TED.

        Kurgan in Disguise.
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          Nov 11 2012: i suppose you haven't seen the movie "highlander". and didn't notice the nice set of safety-pins keeping his head in place.
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        Nov 11 2012: LOL.....I DID indeed notice the safety-pins keeping the head in place!!! I'm also familier with stage make-up! No...didn't see the "highlander", nor am I familier with it at all:>) My point is, that it was not the real image or name of the person who was actually communicating here on TED....or was it!
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        Nov 11 2012: Right!
        We had no idea who was writing the comments....just like we really have no idea many times with internet communications:>)
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          Nov 11 2012: so you say you don't see any difference between keeping the identity secret, and having a fake identity?
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          Nov 13 2012: My image is a pair of lizard eyes. I can assure you, my real eyes are human, lol. Where is the fakery? I want some anonymity. Perhaps Gracie does too. If 'Gracie' is a 49 year old shut in with 80 cats, I still like his/her comments regarding women. I do get your point though Krisztian. Its to do with honesty. You dislike it if people seem to try to convey a false impression of themselves. I agree, its distasteful. We dont know Gracie is doing that. We dont know if you are doing that either. You in hot water on this one? :)
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        Nov 11 2012: Krisztian, this is a reply on the issue of the use of pseudonyms.

        Aja B, the TED staffer who runs TED Conversations posted a link within the last month on the question of the use of pseudonyms. She presented research that finds that permitting comment under pseudonyms actually elicits opinions and ideas more reliably than requiring that real identities be used.

        Obviously some people use pseudonyms as protection for negative behaviors they would not risk under their proper names or for trying positions on for size which they may not even agree with.
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          Nov 11 2012: and how is that related to this conversation? pseudonym is not fake photo
        • Nov 11 2012: I use it to hide the slacker that TED helps me be.
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          Nov 11 2012: Krisztián,
          This is a response to your question...
          " so you say you don't see any difference between keeping the identity secret, and having a fake identity?"

          Having a fake identity is for the purpose of keeping the true identity secret...is it not?
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        Nov 11 2012: Krisztián, are you serious to expect people to choose their real names and pictures on the internet?
        Do you really think my name is Lejan and I am a sketched white cat in a black circle?
        I think there are other reasons which triggered your edgy reaction towards 'Grace Greene' and made you ride about insignificant details. I know you can do better than that. :o)
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          Nov 11 2012: no, i still expect people not to use fake pictures. what is so difficult in that? i have explicitly said that funny pictures are lame, but okay. am i stuck in a time loop here?
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          Nov 11 2012: Some funny pictures really stand for something. Whoever knows who my avatar is, knows more about me than if they saw my real face.
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        Nov 11 2012: You wrote in your reply to Colleen "fake photo/name." That was what I was replying to.
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        Nov 11 2012: Your expectation is not 'difficult' it is just pointless. This is what get's you stuck in 'time loops'.
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          Nov 11 2012: no, it is because you continue to say the same argument as others already did, and i replied. it might be the case that i see a difference where you don't, but it still does not make sense for you to just repeat those arguments.
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        Nov 11 2012: Krisztián, sometimes it helps people to revise their expectations in relation to those of others. And sometimes it don't. I repeated 'those arguments' not to put you in this 'time loop', but to also add quantity to their quality, which I personally share and act upon it.

        Your stubbornness in your expectation in this digital media is just amazing to me, as it not only denies its intrinsic uncertainty as to also reflect your perception that this could ever be changed.

        In addition to this you show your disrespect to all of those who choose to take their right on anonymity in questioning their true intentions and this even by invalid conclusions.

        Unless you meet anyone on this forum in person and get to know them really well, you will never know who is honest with you and who is not, and even then, there will always be the 'non-digital' and usual risk of uncertainty and dishonesty.

        I do not expect this, my words, to change your mind on this. But your expectations (if they are true) did change my view on you, whoever you are. And no, I do not expect you to care... :o)
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          Nov 11 2012: "add quantity to their quality"

          nice mission you have there

          the rest of your post is just quantity, everything has been discussed already
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        Nov 11 2012: As I said, I didn't expect my words to change your mind, and hope can be a nice mission ... ;o)
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        Nov 11 2012: You asked whether I see a difference between the use of a pseudonym and a photo taken from the internet.

        I see both similarities and differences. Both can be ways of masking identity for protection of privacy, not only on this website but also from people and programs that search for private information on the web.

        A special issue pertaining to images is that some are subject to a creative commons license and thus can be used by others and other images are private property and should not be "lifted."

        A special additional issue related to photographs is that if it is unauthorized use of a photo of an actual person, that could be construed as a form of identity theft.

        Perhaps none of these issues is the specific answer you seek.
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        Nov 11 2012: Those are the first that came to me. Why don't you share your greatest concerns with the use of such images?
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        Nov 11 2012: I see trolling and dishonesty as some of the negative behaviors to which I refered in my first reply to you, though these would be as likely, I would think, with a pseudonym as with a false photo and therefore doesn't in my mind distinguish them.
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          Nov 11 2012: no it is not. pseudonym and funny image can show a willing to hide true look or identity. a fake image does not serve that purpose any better, so it indicates something different.
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          Nov 11 2012: I think that perhaps the fake image should be the topic of another conversation
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          Nov 11 2012: Now, tell me fake pictures ain't fun!
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        Nov 12 2012: Remember Krisztián there is no preferential voting so a vote for a candidate with no chance of winning is a wasted vote.
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      Nov 8 2012: Thank you for you honest answer Grace

      Is there any single event that symbolizes your feelings?
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        Nov 8 2012: Yes. The Akin fiasco in Missouri was the day I decided to vote Obama. That's when I realized how real the war against women really was and I saw nothing but danger for all women. And if I want to protect women, I may as well vote to protect equal rights for all adults, regardless of their sexual preferences.

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