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For those of you who voted for Barack Obama, what were your main reasons for voting for him?

Since this election will make a huge change in the direction of the United States for ever. Clearly the conservative view point did not resonate with half of the voters especially in the swing states. I would like to know what the reasons were for voting for Obama


Closing Statement from pat gilbert

Ok out of 152 comments I got 6 answers to my question.

1 answer was to vote against the rich

1 answer was to vote against Romney's intention to let the too big to fail fail and the jobs that would be lost

3 answers were because Romney did not respect women or pro choice

1 answer was because Romney represented lost jobs.

So to read into it a little with Women it was about pro choice

With men it was about jobs

In my experience this is typically what the left believes.

I do thank you for your forthright answers.

With this stuff the devil is in the details, I get a clear sense of unwillingness to look at the details.

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    Nov 8 2012: That's part of it. Workers are being asked to do more with less. Their money doesn't go as far. They are being given less and less recognition. The benefits that attracted them are slowly eroding. And the worker is getting more than annoyed by it all.

    Romney said he was going to give tax breaks to those who create jobs. But he didn't say why jobs are being lost. All of Borders book stores went out of business because of E-books. Fewer people are buying books. Fewer books are being printed. Book printing companies will have to scale back to stay in business. E-book readers were a good sale, at the cost of many existing jobs, a net loss.

    Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes came into the area. Local department stores, hardware stores, and general stores all went out of business. As jobs were created, jobs were lost. It was a wash, no gain there.

    Internet sales are reducing local sales. As internet sales increase, local sales decrease. Start a new business, lose an existing business. No gain there.

    Automated cashiers are showing up at many stores. One cashier overseer can do the work of four. Jobs were created to make automated cash registers. Cashier jobs were lost in the process. No gain there.

    Many housing projects were started. Our community is saturated with condos and a workforce that can't afford them. Many are unoccupied and will remain that way.

    The cost of oil went up. No one seems to have a good answer why. But it is squeezing the budget of the workforce which keeps businesses active. Romney didn't have an answer, and he criticized Obama's green energy policy.

    If Romney had a vision for what kind of jobs he would try to promote and how this would help America, I might have thought different. But I didn't see it. I couldn't see his plan working. Create new jobs, lose existing jobs, doesn't work. I could only see the bean counters getting rich and the workers all paying for it.
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      Nov 8 2012: Thank you Roy that is a real answer and why I asked the question.

      FWIW a better standard of living for all requires doing things more efficiently, the average Joe today lives better than a king from yesteryear. This displaces people a newspaper writer, a printer, and many skills that were valuable in the past. The apparency is a degrading of people but you have to look at the upside and the lifting of the standard of living for the majority.

      I think you are right in that Romney did not communicate this adequately, but I can assure you that as one who has been though decades of back breaking, gut wrenching, effort that Romney did know what he is talking about, but as you say did not communicate it well.

      Regarding Oil the question always comes up regarding peak oil, the market will find a way, even though it is much maligned fracking is one example of how it will work out. As the price of energy goes up alternatives become profitable.

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