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How will the US federal government respond to Colorado and Washington state having legalized (limited) marijuana possession?

On November 6, 2012 the US states Colorado and Washington voted to legalize possession of limited amounts of marijuana. While, just as in the Netherlands, these states have still not fully legalized the grwoing, selling, owning and smoking of marijuana in the way that alcohol and tobacco are treated these states have set historic precedents, both in a legal sense and because a majority of the population spoke out in favor of legalization, and they are now heading for a confrontation with the US federal government. What do you think will the federal government's response be? We know president Obama is ambiguous on the issue, but he has "evolved" on the issue of gay marriage and finally embraced it and there are powerful figures within the administration (like vice president Joe Biden) and law enforcement who support legalization while polls indicate a majority of Americans favor legalization. Do you believe the Obama administration will come down hard on Colorado and Washington or do you believe that it will either come out in support of legalization or say they will leave it up to the states?

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  • Nov 11 2012: they should do nothing, stay out of it and mind their own business of sinking the country.
    they will do something however

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