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What is the top priority for you when getting a job?

I'm now in my final year at university and going to graduate in 3 months, which makes me nervous. I have'nt decided yet what I have to do and where I would go. Probably most students in their final year at school would be worried about this and attempt to figure it out.

My parents regard stability of job as the most important thing.
On the other hand, some would have other standards.
What do you think is the most important factor when getting a job?
I really need some advice from you who have lots of experiences in life.


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    Nov 9 2012: Hi Lyla,

    At one time I got jobs becuse it was "the done thing".
    At other times I got jobs to finance my work - which was professional music. A thing that requires a good deal of development before it generates income.
    At other times i got jobs as part of a "carreer" - rather than participating in "the done thing" I decided to win the get-money game. Which I did. It was not very satisfying, and my work reasserted itself.

    These days I don't get jobs, I am doing my work professionally. No longer playing music but making musical instruments.

    There is a vast difference between "job" and "work". When one finds one's true work, jobs and money are no longer the priority.

    I recommend you find your work - it took me altogether too long to break through blind tradition to learn this - there is no reason why anyone should get a job except in serving their work - and absolutely no reason why anyone should take as long as I did to realise the difference.

    Hope this helps.

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