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How can we empower kids to reshape the education system? *A TEDActive Education Project Question*


The TEDActive Education Project will explore how children can make an impact on the education system. We hope to come out of this project with fresh ideas for ways kids can start an education revolution.

At TEDActive2011 in Palm Springs, an amazing group of individuals came together as a group to come up with a simple micro-action solution for empowering kids to be a part of the education reform conversations. After a quick 36 hour period of time, the team made a website that allows students to upload videos of their ideas on education reform.

You can empower a student to share their voice at http://elev8ed.org.

Also, please share your own ideas here, or by starting a new conversation tagged with TEDActiveEDU so we can all follow.


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    Mar 30 2011: Super School University has just stared the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project. Students and teachers from around the world are going to collaborate with one another to build the perfect island with the perfect school system. This project will be in Portuguese and English. We have chosen the island of Santa Luzia, Cabo Verde. This island is uninhabited and we are going to build it from the ground up. All students will work for Super School University as interns and student backpack journalists in one or more of the following departments: Jr. Medical School, Jr. Business School, Jr. Law School, Jr. Urban Planning School, Jr. Environmental Science School, Kids Talk Radio, Super School Teen TV, Super School Press and Youth World News. Other departments and schools will be added to complete the project. Nine Kids Talk Radio stations are planned for nine of the Cabo Verde Islands. You can follow our progress by visiting www.KidsTalkRadioUSA. We are still taking applications for gifted and talented teachers and students. The results of this project will be presented to President Obama and the US Department of Education. This project supports the US STEM Program in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This is our creative way of helping America and other countries "Race to the Top." We welcome your comments. Suprschool@aol.com

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