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How Biosocial Pressures Could Trigger a Cataclysmic Event

Analyzing current world events both socially and economically, one sees much more frustration and anger in society today than there was four to five decades ago. In a world where 0.01% of the population in America own more of the national wealth now than at any time since 1928*, is a reason for that anger. From the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, we saw and still see protesters demanding justice, change and equal opportunities. We know that 90-95% of all crime and violence stem from monetary reasons (usually the lack of it), so we must begin to ask the question - is it worth it? Is it worth having a socioeconomic system that allows and even glorifies a 'hardworking' percentage of the population to absorb as much money as they pleases at the expanse of the rest, in hope that one day we all will reach such heights? By the way, I do not suggest that any activist group will eventually resort to violence as a natural step, I am merely looking at the trends globally and how it could degenerate from certain economic levels.

On top of technological unemployment and outsourcing of jobs and labor (due to profit and efficiency), what will happen the day hyperinflation kicks in and the purchasing power of the general public decreases? What will happen the day people have no other option to get food than by breaching a local store or tearing down a shopping mall? What will happen the day people get thrown out of their homes and left for the streets as a result of reckless monetary policies? What will happen the day people say enough is enough and starts invading those who have all the wealth? Will protecting these assets and wealth at all costs be justified by putting people in jail for allegedly stealing or, if it reaches mass eruption, to even neutralize the invaders?

So, is it all doom and gloom or are you more optimistic about the future? And what is logical next step?

* http://topincomes.g-mond.parisschoolofeconomics.eu


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  • Nov 8 2012: What kind of equality are we asking for that has a way of ensuring freedom, progress, and opportunity while rewarding hard work yet preventing corrupt money games? I would love to hear suggestions.
    • Nov 10 2012: One could be the abolishment of money itself. I am very passionate about this evolution of society, but many disagree. A society where we utilize science and technology to intelligently manage and allocate our resources to meet the needs of all human beings on the planet by claiming all of Earths resources as the common heritage of all mankind. Where we collectively would utilize technology to free mankind (through automation of jobs and labor) in order for every human being to be able to reach their fullest potential personally, socially and culturally. This would essentially make money obsolete, since our values are about collectively sharing our resources and through technology create abundance for all.

      Another alternative could be an unconditional basic income for everybody, both rich and poor, that ensures the necessities of life thus creating economic mobility and flexibility that would amplify freedom and opportunity.

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