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Are you satisfied with your life? Do you think its fair?

Simple question stated as above (ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THIS WORLD)
other question

if you are not, what aren't you satisfied with?
if you are, what ARE you satisfied with?
If anything could happen what would you like to happen?
If everything could be changed, what would you like to change?

Im on the point of deciding what to do with my life


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    Nov 8 2012: I am satisfied with my life. I am not satisfied with the world.

    Why not? People are ignorant. They live in black and white worlds.
    Why am I satisfied with MY life? Because I make it that way.
    What would I like to happen? Political power returned to an educated population.
    What would I like to change? Make the Abrahamic religions illegal.
    • Nov 8 2012: Dear Grace
      though I am not sure where you are from and what religion you are
      but yes, I understand... the freedom of women is shown and displayed clearly in the western world but is yet to be spread amongst many other parts of the world (addressing your last point)
      think about this, do you believe that such change could happen? Do you think making something illegal is the best way to do it? People need time to adapt to the most minimal things, and here you talk about a deep rooted religion of an area. What if you could influence and change the religious views and rituals and practices instead of making it illegal? Why not persuade and let them willingly give up instead of enforcing law upon them?

      addressing your political power to an educated population.
      I would like to ask you, what if... we Don't need a political system that tells us what we are supposed to do? What if we live in a society where people know what should be done... because politics tend to be too extreme. Its either A or B, A or B, you either agree or disagree

      You are satisfied with your life, and I believe that you should be and Im happy to hear that, however I do wonder, do you think other people are as lucky as you? Yes, you may say that they could make their life happy the way you did, but what if they cant? at least not quite possible without your support?

      You are not satisfied with the world because people are ignorant... and thus, is there anyway to change that fact? through education? but maybe not the "popular education system" that we have right now which seems to train people to do things more than they think.
      People are ignorant and live in black and white world because they are TOLD that the world is so,

      I believe that we can change that fact, that we are able to make our world into something different, if we truly find out the problem and find a good solution that doesn't involve force but instead involves compromise, explanation, acceptance and true belief.

      thank you~
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      Nov 20 2012: Dear Grace ,
      You are satisfied with your life but not with world , this is little bit confusing. Why you not first try your life with this world in same platform? why you running from this world?? Last point i totally disagree with you ,religion is just binding people not divide and who divide the people by religion is not deserved to live in society.

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