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Are you satisfied with your life? Do you think its fair?

Simple question stated as above (ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THIS WORLD)
other question

if you are not, what aren't you satisfied with?
if you are, what ARE you satisfied with?
If anything could happen what would you like to happen?
If everything could be changed, what would you like to change?

Im on the point of deciding what to do with my life

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    Nov 20 2012: I was raised in a orphanage and have now retired from three jobs and working toward another. So here is my pitch ... you want it .. get off of your butt and work for it ... all of these handout programs are funded by those of us who work there is no free lunch ... I will hel;p you, but when you stop trying I stop helping ... Life ain't fair get over it.

    If life was fair horses would ride half of the time.
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    Nov 20 2012: Life is not easy to explain . In my case Life is full of opportunity as well as loss. If i will millionaire an i have every possible thing what i want but i will not satisfied with my life this is for sure. Next day i walking around my small hamlet where i was born and i see some of my older and elders are still not earning 2$ in one day than i will frustrated. So in my view Life is lovely when everyone happy this will never possible. So i made a rule to made myself happy as well as who is around me in every quantum of my Life. So i am contributing to society and gain some smile from others .
  • Nov 17 2012: ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THIS WORLD - Thankfully, I am not. Satisfaction atrophies imagination and ambition. It is the struggle to create change that creates a meaningful life.

    if you are not, what aren't you satisfied with? Things that if they were exactly as I envision them would most likely cause a new set of dis-satisfactions. The particulars are only important on an individual level. Pick something to be dissatisfied about and then change it. You can always change your mind and your goals.

    if you are, what ARE you satisfied with? I am satisfied with my ability to change my point of view and the way I live my life. I am satisfied with the fact that it's not always easy. I am satisfied with the pride of accomplishment that I feel when making a difficult change.

    If anything could happen what would you like to happen? Something love-inspiring and completely unexpected. Something that I could not imagine until it became happily indispensable.

    If everything could be changed, what would you like to change? Everything (laws of physics permitting) can be changed and is being changed every day. I'm less attached to the results of change than to the process of change. Being mindful of he law of unintended consequences tends to instill a certain amount of humility in these things.

    Happiness has been defined as the progressive accomplishment of a worthwhile goal. That's what change motivated by dis-satisfaction means to me. It's the process, not the particulars that matter.
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    Nov 10 2012: Hello Fermi Fang,
    I am very satisfied with my life in each and every moment, and I do my best to face challenges as an individual, as well as a member of the local, regional and global community. I am clear with what I can and cannot change in each moment, I have contributed to change on several different levels, and will continue to do so until I take my last breath on this earth school. I believe the life adventure offers the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve as an individual, while contributing to the whole. I try my best to be the change I want to see in our world, and if I am not part of the solution, I am part of the problem.

    That being said, I have the ability to change every single interaction I am involved with...I have the ability to change some things in a very small way in my little corner of the world. It may not seem like much when we look at the big picture, and when we consider the ripple effect, or the butterfly effect, many people, making small changes around our world cause a HUGE change.

    You say you are on the point of deciding what to do with your life...
    I suggest that you truly live with gusto, being mindful and aware in every what you love and/or love what you are doing:>)
    • Nov 10 2012: Dear Collen
      thank you very much
      I agree with the ripple effect, the butterfly effect, however, when you look at it this way, the butter fly is that "In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state."
      however, human beings with their wonderful minds have made our world into a LINEAR system which the butterfly effect has NO effect upon.
      what do i mean?
      theres is an input and there is an output
      it doesnt matter how you manipulate the input ... because there WILL be an output that is "linear.."
      you keep changing x y will keep going up

      how is this our world?

      of course, HUMAN, animals, Biological world is SUPPOSED to be a NON linear system, but we have "mechanized ourselves"
      we have transformed and made ourselves into this society where people are PART of the system..
      since when? Not sure, but definitely before the "industrial revolution"

      Maybe you can say ever since agricultural revolution? division of labor? or not? I am not sure where the "source" of the problem stands, but all I can say, is that
      there is a big problem and we need to fix it

      and what I am personally going to chase in my life is to FIND out the problem and PROMOTE people to believe in the fact that we CAN solve the PROBLEM and that there is hope in this world it isn't that bad after all

      other than the fact that we might need to flip the world around to solve it

      People are going to unhappy
      people are going to be angry
      people are going to fear


      you shouldnt be afraid

      because... ok this sounds so.... pop culturized but
      "im not afraid.. to take a step"

      and therefore... if I can try,, you can try
      i know your trying
      try harder
      what ever doesnt kill you simply makes you stronger and i believe together we will all become more than what we are right now,

      human beings strongest weapon... its not language.. its will.. our will
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        Nov 10 2012: Fermi,
        I believe we have to depend on "initial conditions" in order to move from there into change. We are indeed living in certain conditions, and to recognize those conditions and how they are, or are not serving humanity, is the first step toward change.

        People have ALWAYS been part of the system from the beginning of humankind, and I believe that to be part of the evolutionary process. Yes, we have "mechanized ourselves", and we can use that technology to benefit humankind...or not. We have choices regarding HOW we navigate the life experience.

        I LOVE your idea and ambition to " personally... chase... FIND out the problem and PROMOTE people to believe in the fact that we CAN solve the PROBLEM and that there is hope in this world it isn't that bad after all"

        It feels like you are determined to "BE" the change you want to "SEE" in the world, and you also create limitations for yourself. You don't need to convince me or others to "BE" all that we can "BE". A first step for you, may be to totally accept that concept in yourself? It feels like with your dialogue on this thread, you are trying to convince YOURSELF that it is possible.
        • Nov 10 2012: Thank you for convincing me
          Yes, I dont have much faith in myself, because I dont know what should I beleive in...
          I grew up in a world that doesnt have much for me to believe in as since.. so far since I was a kid, everything I ever believed in seems to have fallen apart.. shattered
          my "innocence" was shattered pretty long time ago, but i kept on with our system
          i lived in the system
          i chose to ignore rather than to think about our problems
          i viewed the worlds problems as granted
          the famous words.. "THERES NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT"
          yea... i used to think that way as well, but... since a month ago, I completely changed my mind
          I feel like we HAVE to do something about it

          let me tell you a story
          Last week was my miterms.. at 7pm
          so at 6pm i went to buy dinner and... as usual.. i like to sit at an ourdoor seat... thats more "lonely" and quiet....

          as i started to eat.. the "last table" filled with mainland students left... who were sitting at a table across from my table

          shortly after they left... a girl walked over
          then she sat down at the table the mainland students left

          I was like HUH? WTF??????
          first of all.. girls dont sit alone
          secondly... the table is not cleared

          at first I thought she was waiting for someone...
          then she took a microwave box out from her backpack which held 2 steam buns..
          then she took out a spoon and started to eat the left overs on the table... along with the steam buns

          OH MY GOD


          I am studying in .. the second best college in HONG KONG... and
          THIS IS WHAT I SEE?????
          On one side. people never finish their food and stuff
          AND ON THE OTHER SIDE.... someone is eating THIS??!??!? LEFT OVERS?!!!???!


          she turned her head and saw me and quickly turned back
          I almost cried ... (something i literally never do....)

          Like seriously? How come? WHY? Why in .... the world... are people on one end not trying and having everything.. while people who try have NOTHING...
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        Nov 19 2012: Dear Fermi,
        I'm not sure what I am "convincing" you of..... is it to believe in yourself?

        Your story says that you were shocked to see someone eating left over food? And you recently discovered that some people have more than enough food, and some people do not have enough?

        That is a good discovery on your part. Now...what are you going to do about it?
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      Nov 20 2012: Dear Colleen,
      You are hero of my life . I love your word every time . Explaining the life is not easy but above words which you say is complete example of what you are doing in your life . We do not change every moment but we will counter all the problems if we want to. Thank U from my heart. God bless U.
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        Nov 21 2012: Dear Harsh,
        Nice to connect with you again, and I appreciate you and your kind words:>) I continue to be encouraged by all the young people like you, who are insightful, and concerned about people and the life gives me much hope for our future as a global society. Thank U from my heart, for being you, and for being a wonderful part of our world:>)
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    Nov 10 2012: As I have come to the point where I can call myself Scientifically literate, I have begun to think that I am satisfied with not only my life and this World but also with the Universe. There are so many beautiful chunks of fact people can explore through. Such as Sagan's; "If you wish to make a pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." and the very fact that we are made of "Star stuffs"

    It is little heart warming thoughts in life such as those uttered by great minds and those you have stumbled upon yourself that make you treasure this experience.

    My only issues are with the publicity of Science and how it is portrayed in the media. I just can't swallow the possibility that the general masses find Science to be a boring and grey subject. Knowledge is the solution, we just have to find the way to bring Science in a fresh package and create a new and more positive outlook on it.
    • Nov 10 2012: I am not trying to blame this but at least for now, I do see it as the "fault"
      the reason that public isnt focusing much on the "IMPORTANT science and its discovery, research etc" is that THERE IS NO MONETARY INCENTIVE!!!!"
      when you don't see worthy to invest in something... people don't want to do it.
      The only reason you see these "major scientific discoveries" is that SOMEONE out there with money thinks that it is worth investing because "it sounds reasonable" and also that "the returns are high... under the circumstance of HIGH risk.. but not under [ABSOLUTE RISK]"

      if you want to convince people to discover greater and deeper into the fields of science, then please, I ask you to support me and "fight" with me, against this world where
      knowledge is unimportant if it does not generate $$$

      you go to school and learn things to get $$$$
      you get a job to $$$
      you get $$$ to buy more "things" to make you look like you have a lot of $$$$
      any thing that does not have to do with $$$ doesnt matter

      when you see a person in need of help .... you give him/ her $$$$
      because $$$ SOLVES EVERYTHING

      well... obviously scientifically... $$$ is not a solution to anything at all, but apparently, our world right now is BRAINWASHED into thinking $$$ = solution

      solve (X+Y+Z+O) = ABC^D for D
      D = $$$

      ok... yea.. maybe that doesnt make sense at all

      i respect you that you have found the mystical universe and discoveries amusing
      I feel that way as well

      just that ... we are unable to find things that EXPLAINS more of who we are what we are doing why we are doing what we are doing etc...

      if we do not break this BARRIER

      $$$ is a BARRIER TO OUR FRIGGIN evolution...
      unless people $$$ is more evolved that those with less $$$
      then wow
      i am wordless

      even if I am wordless
      I would like to PROVE THAT $$$ IS NOT EVERYTHING

      I truly... WISH HOPE DREAM that YOU BELIEVE as well!
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    Nov 8 2012: I am satisfied with my life. I am not satisfied with the world.

    Why not? People are ignorant. They live in black and white worlds.
    Why am I satisfied with MY life? Because I make it that way.
    What would I like to happen? Political power returned to an educated population.
    What would I like to change? Make the Abrahamic religions illegal.
    • Nov 8 2012: Dear Grace
      though I am not sure where you are from and what religion you are
      but yes, I understand... the freedom of women is shown and displayed clearly in the western world but is yet to be spread amongst many other parts of the world (addressing your last point)
      think about this, do you believe that such change could happen? Do you think making something illegal is the best way to do it? People need time to adapt to the most minimal things, and here you talk about a deep rooted religion of an area. What if you could influence and change the religious views and rituals and practices instead of making it illegal? Why not persuade and let them willingly give up instead of enforcing law upon them?

      addressing your political power to an educated population.
      I would like to ask you, what if... we Don't need a political system that tells us what we are supposed to do? What if we live in a society where people know what should be done... because politics tend to be too extreme. Its either A or B, A or B, you either agree or disagree

      You are satisfied with your life, and I believe that you should be and Im happy to hear that, however I do wonder, do you think other people are as lucky as you? Yes, you may say that they could make their life happy the way you did, but what if they cant? at least not quite possible without your support?

      You are not satisfied with the world because people are ignorant... and thus, is there anyway to change that fact? through education? but maybe not the "popular education system" that we have right now which seems to train people to do things more than they think.
      People are ignorant and live in black and white world because they are TOLD that the world is so,

      I believe that we can change that fact, that we are able to make our world into something different, if we truly find out the problem and find a good solution that doesn't involve force but instead involves compromise, explanation, acceptance and true belief.

      thank you~
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      Nov 20 2012: Dear Grace ,
      You are satisfied with your life but not with world , this is little bit confusing. Why you not first try your life with this world in same platform? why you running from this world?? Last point i totally disagree with you ,religion is just binding people not divide and who divide the people by religion is not deserved to live in society.
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    Nov 8 2012: I am satisfied with my life. I put my trust in God and it has served me well. All my needs have been met, often by circumstances beyond my control. I have made good decisions (led by an inner spirit) and I am better off by them. I feel that I understand things well enough to keep me curious, yet not overwhelmed. I see a hopeful future even if it's blurry, because I know that I am part of something much bigger than myself.

    Population growth, food supply, and disease form an intricate balance. I feel that overpopulation is the leading cause of war, genocide, and social unrest. We need to understand it better.

    All events are controlled by energy. Learning to identify and harness energy is a big field. Better have good math skills
    People need food in sufficient supply. This is also a big field in farming, research and development, and food processing.
    Human comfort is developed through engineering. It also requires good math skills.
    Environmental issues and pollution control is a big field.
    Aerospace and space exploration is a huge and growing field.
    The medical profession and biotechnology is growing.
    Mental health issues and therapy is in great demand.
    Legal and law enforcement is a huge field.
    The entertainment industry has many opportunities.
    Sports, Sales and marketing, Construction, Manufacturing, Mining for resources...
    Explore your options. There are many other fields worth pursuing.

    As for you, seek out your latent abilities. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What interests you? What are your concerns? Are you a leader or follower? Do you have a vision? What are your current options? What skills do you possess? You haven't provided much to go on so I am providing food for thought. Let your intuition be your guide.
    • Nov 8 2012: Dear Roy
      My strengths and weaknesses are not what matters really to me
      what interests me? in helping other people achieve their goals and make our world a better place..."
      sounds dumb but thats what Im interested in...
      Am I a leader? Most of the time I prefer not to, but... there are other cases
      Do I have a vision? YES... of course... i would like to make our world... UNITE ... in a strange sense but yes, break cultural barriers, break strereotypes, break every single social, man made rule that makes us unhappy in any way
      what are my options?
      anything is possible? haha... well im studying business... i have no financial concerns (and I appreciate that fact)
      what skills do I possess?
      no idea? I dream of something and I GET IT DONE... make it happen
      I wanted to be a model... i went and competed and got into top 20 (im happy...)
      I wanted to dance... I went and got a couple friends (who had NO interest much.. and got them to dance)
      I wanted to be a chef... I managed to get an internship during summer to cook
      I want to try out everything
      I believe that anyone can achieve anything they truly want if they try hard,

      I am young... and i have a long way to go
      I think its better to try than to not try and just die
      I want to change our world, the things they value, the pains they suffer,
      I want our world to become a happier place with the only threat being nature instead of ourselves
      I want our world to BELIEVE in each other...
      we put our "believe" into our monetary goods...
      let me ask
      Though I see you as Christian,
      i would like to tell you this,
      I want to make a new belief, a new religion, that tolerates EVERYONE and is / CAN BE ACCEPTED BY EVERYONE
      a BELIEF
      A RELIGION that doesn't concern what divine being you believe in because I personally dont see that as what matters,
      what truly matters is everyone else
      ITS not about me... its about YOU... EVERYONE

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        Nov 8 2012: Fermi,
        You have a good outlook.

        I mentioned strengths & weaknesses because it helps us determine what works and what doesn't in our own lives. Strengths is where we can take the lead and weaknesses is where we need help to overcome obstacles. If we understand those, we can chart a course and see it through.

        What interests you doesn't sound dumb at all. When people work together, there is progress where all benefit.

        You are testing out the waters as they say in trying different things. It will give you a broader outlook. At some point, you will need to determine where you want to plant your feet. That is where your intuition needs to be your guide. Find your niche. You can't save the world, but if you take the attitude that everyone you help is a step in the right direction, then you are planting seeds that may grow into good fruit. As opportunities arise, you may broaden your horizons. It's all good and it's all positive.

        I am a Christian, but my views are radical to what most Christians believe. Jesus presented a parable where people were compared to sheep and goats. The sheep were those who helped each other out in time of need. The goats were those who refused to lend a helping hand. The sheep would go on to discover paradise. The goats would see a world in constant turmoil. It didn't matter what they believed. It only mattered whether they cared about each other or not.

        As far as divinity is concerned, God is not male, nor female, nor any other form known. God is the life force of the cosmos. It is the source from which all things come and back to where they go. It is neither good nor evil, it is what is common to everything. There is nothing that exists that is not part of God. Break everything down in nature and it all becomes the same. Although religions continue to name it, it has no name. I wrote a book about it. You can find it in my profile.
        • Nov 8 2012: Thank you once again Roy
          Yes, I am trying hard well.. and will be for the next two years (until i graduate) to THINK of... to contact as many people as I can, to make a new concept.. of "utopia" just that its not as utopic as it seems... but never the less, a goal that we could look forward to

          Presently, I find that people now a days are too concerned about their (AT THE MOMENT) things. Of course its important to get things done and look at the present, but I feel people are FORCED to look at the present and ignore the future, especially when their future is more or less LEAD by their "money".... its like the metaphor that life is like a river... it flows.. but now i think its more like life is a river of CASH FLOWS and you go where ever that paper goes... or coin..

          It is not the "sheep" dont care anymore, I think its more like the "sheep" is being hypnotized by "magic mushroom pasture..." and that "the wolf is no longer eating the sheep but is instead farming the sheep so that they could sheer the fur for exchange of more food..."
          "the sheep is the same sheep.." just that the "wolf has evolved" into something much nastier than the wolf... and yet.. "the evolved wolf is smarter and can abuse the sheep/ exploit it to its own good, it lost its ability to KILL the sheep by itself, so... the wolf is STUCK in the position of having to farm sheep for food... because it doesnt know how to kill"

          Address the goat part.. I feel like they are just the "laggards in a movement"

          and Yes, God has no gender, or any "physical form"... its a representation, an idea, a belief the divine being, and I believe that. Good and evil is DEFINED by humans, God is objective.. an ETERNAL UNIVERSAL truth

          Humans always wanted to seek out the truth, but what they seek is mostly subjective and misunderstanding it until they found some objective "scientific truth" which they now believe as the divine truth... but before they can apply objective truth in another degree, they will never find it
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    Nov 7 2012: I thank God for giving me this beautiful and wonderful life. I've had my own fair share of challenges, but by the strength of the Most High God, I've been able to overcome. And the best is yet to come; my life is in safe hands and so many good things are on the horizon.
    If I could change things in the past I would say that I would have been closer to God earlier in life; some things have been unnecessary distractions that I would have avoided if I had been totally committed to God. But God knows how to fashion something beautiful out of every situation.

    Mr Fermi Fang; your life is a gift from God, and whatever you are facing or would face, you are equipped to handle it and be victorious; so that you would have the privilege of sharing your success stories; and the best success stories are the ones of triumph despite the odds or against all odds.
    You are a winner; keep winning.
    • Nov 8 2012: I am confused with your belief system
      Dear Feyisayo
      I am not here to argue which God is... higher or anything related
      first.. i am NOT an Atheist.. i believe in a divine being.. of which i have no idea
      but what interests me more is the moral values of every single religion
      i think they all tell you the same thing
      that people now a days seem to not be understanding...
      thank you
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    Nov 20 2012: Probably everyone has those moments in life when they want to die of shame, or maybe something sad happened, or if someone just can not get his life intention, and it is impossible to do something in order to improve it, the combination of these moments gives us an understanding that  our life is not perfect, and if we have a chance to be born again, we would like to improve everything and make life perfect. but, is it worth all the beautiful moments of life that we had
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    Nov 18 2012: yeah, I'm satisfied. I think one reason I'm satisfied is I show courage in my life. If an unusual question comes into my brain, the question others might be afraid to ask because they think others will say they're weird, I always show the courage and go ahead and ask the question. It makes life more interesting.
  • Nov 18 2012: Life doesn’t necessarily need to be fair, and I can be satisfied with my life. If I think of my life as miserable, then, I would do anything to change the way I live while changing the way I perceive my life—by starting from little changes.
    My life is different from anybody else's, and so unique. And I suppose anyone can think of their lives as special like I do. It’s not just some kind of self hypnosis, but true, btw.
    Life is not always fascinating, but I get to taste all of its peculiar flavors that others can't even experience.
    Moreover, everyone’s life is unpredictable. No one can be sure about anything of my life.
    Life is not unfair.
    Thank God, I am neither smart nor wise enough not to make mistakes. I can always start over unless I'm pathologically obsessed with the past and my shortcomings.
    We all have this ability to name our past mistakes "experiences" as if that's what we were meant to go through with. Anyway we can try to look on the bright side of our lives whenever we happen to envy some people’s so-called “fortunate” lives.
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      Nov 19 2012: Hi Elizabeth!
      Nobody ever told me life was going to be "fair", and what the heck does "fair" mean? I is unpredictable, and for me, it's often about going along with the flow. We can look at, and evaluate how our life is unfolding, and making little changes as we go is generally beneficial:>)

      Elizabeth, in my humble opinion, you are both smart and wise:>)
      Did you receive my replies to your e-mails?
      • Nov 20 2012: Thank you Colleen :p

        Oh, no..
        I didn't receive your replies. I've been kinda waiting for your reply, btw lol
        Then, could you send me your replies again?
        I suppose some sort of error occured in the process of exchanging our emails through 'TEDcontact'

        Regards~ :)
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          Nov 20 2012: Dear Elizabeth,
          I replied to your e-mails and sent them 5 days ago! So sorry you have not received them:>(
          I just forwarded them again through the TED system, and also sent you an e-mail through "TED contact", with my personal e-mail address. Unfortunately, the TED e-mail system is challenging at times.
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    W. Ying

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    • Nov 11 2012: oh wow
      wait.. you published books?
      ok that is really interesting read
      about all that DNA stuff
      yea.. I kind of agree to that.. well MOSTLY agree to the parts I actually understood
      Yes, as from watching a couple Ted talks and studying
      I believe we are born... with these innate personality that makes everyone different however we are also affected by past events (inherited dna information) as well as ON going ... (external influences) which chooses the path for our future development

      so the equation is
      BORN + PAST + ON GOING = Future

      well, since its like this
      wait I don't seem to see where I'm trying to take this or where YOU are trying to take this

      I forgot what you previously said... like about my question
      yes you are satisfied?!?!?!

      or something..
      but yea I dont think that this is a great support for the fact that you are trying to say that there is nothing wrong with our world because obviously if the only purpose is to keep our DNA alive...

      (and from the video... forgot which one.. but apparently we all came from a genetic adam and eve..) everyone in this world is from the same pair of genes

      anyone who lives would supposedly be able to pass our genetic info to the next generation
      BUT .. what if what we are doing right now (the external ongoing influences) are harming us and
      with our thousands of years of ... "Natural DNA" is getting disrupted and altered and.. maybe even going to become destroyed by our.. modern social thoughts.. etc

      I SEE a problem with our world

      are you saying that YOU DONT? and that all the things happening is.. normal? "necessary evil?"

      If that is so... i guess I would have to try hard to convince that the "evils" right now is not necessary and that our enemy is not ourselves but is instead nature and how to keep our race from getting wiped out...
      which we've done a "great job" at ...

      funny... how people are always concerned about shootings and stuff while no one cares much about how many people are dieing from "revenge of nature"
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    • Nov 8 2012: I love your reply
      And I do believe that everything you said is possible to achieve
      I know this may sound silly
      But I hope that I am able to get as many "complaints" and "appraisals". On our modern society globally and formulate a new set of... Goals and how our world should operate
      And make it happen "with any means necessary"
      I sound like an anarchist hippie angry kid
      But ... All I can say is
      Dream big
      If I believe our world can become a united country where we can get things done together instead of competing against one another pointlessly
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    Nov 7 2012: Fermi, as you write you are on the point of deciding what to do with your life, could you share what you are thinking of in terms of options and what makes them appeal to you?
    • Nov 8 2012: thanks Fritzie
      i replied on top
      not directly to your post~
  • Nov 19 2012: I am pretty satisfied with my life. I am on the tail end of a VERY rough patch but things are settling down and I can't wait to get back to what I consider normal. Things I am satisfied with include, my state of employment: I am employed and able to pay my bills; my relationship: we are engaged to be married; my ability to travel: I will be visiting my family in a day, for a week; and the fact that my family is safe: they live in NYC and were barely affected by Super Storm Sandy.

    I think I am satisfied with my life because I am very thankful for everything that I have, it may not be much but I am grateful none the less.

    If I could change something, it would probably be what I am doing for work right now. I work at a law office as a legal assistant, and it's a job that I no longer find joy in doing. If I could do anything in the world for work, I'd travel and write about my experiences, or become a personal chef.

    I've given myself to life; I try to make the best decisions at the time choices are presented and just go with the flow. Ever since I've let go, things have fallen into place. It's only in the last couple of months that I've tried to steer every single thing that stuff has been going off tracks. I have to get back to listening to my intuition. When at a crossroads the best thing to do is to see where you are naturally being pulled. Keep in mind: coincidences are not.
  • Nov 9 2012: Dear fritzie
    Yes I do understand that most of the topics that I am covering are rather popular aims
    But as I see
    Most of the so called popular aims are seperated and not exactly cooperating together as a whole
    Think of this as a human being think of society as a living organism
    It won't survive if you only take care of one organ system
    A brain on its own is usesless a heart a lung an eye an arm is useless
    But when acted together
    They become a being
    What I am trying to find our is how to unite these concepts
    Pretty much like
    I am trying to be the skin of a person
    I want to wrap up every singe system and hold them together
    As I see this is exactly the only way to lead out world out of the present problems
    As I previously kept on mentioning
    I can live the x number of years of my life and not need to give a damn about this world
    I believe that "after a personal experience"
    Life is not just about yourself
    It's not about the individual
    For example a person in Africa in Mexico in Canada in Chiba I. Tibet in Alaska
    All have one thing in common which is to make the people their love happy by protection
    But what these individuals don't seem tossed is our world is no longer a small society world
    We are global used in a rather scary way
    Every single action made influences the whole world
    This is my idea of modern society evolution
    If we do not act as a whole and keep on letting and following a small group of elites
    We will soon be extinct
    As individually all we can think about I'd to make money to get through the day
    Think about tomorrow when it gets there
    I think the main thing that separates us from animals is the ability to see in the past and predict the future
    Which is also how we can "disrupts " natural selection
    Because as I see
    We are the only being capable of learning from the past and using the past to percent problems in the future
    Humans now are educated through s flawed system theat focuses on the present
    Which is not really what we need
  • Nov 8 2012: Dear fritzie
    Yes I do believe that most people out there are wanting to push for "reducing suffering" as I don't see why any one would purposefully want another person to suffer
    Which Is also what I believe most If not all of the traditional religious beliefs are all talking about making and finding and teaching the ultimate happiness no matter if its heaven or nirvana or what ever it may be

    But what I am truly getting to is
    Something impossible impractical
    I want yo turn our world over I want people to stop living in the past stop lining in their mistakes and suffering for the mistakes that other people made
    I want our world to move on and everyone to give each other a second chance everyone to give themselv a second chance
    I hope our world can destroy boundaries
    National boundaries
    Cultural boundaries
    Racial boundaries
    Gender boundaries
    And cooperate to live in this country that I know as earth

    I am setting this as my goal in life
    I know it sound dumb and stupid impractical as it obviously looks
    But I believe
    I believe that you. Can believe
    I believe that every single person in this community an believe

    But first
    I need to idemtify the source of problems and the things that people generally view as reasonable
    To me it's not keeping good and kicking bad
    That's too subjective
    I'm looking for something objective
    And in order to do so
    We need to learn to control but not to remove our emotions
    As to me emotions is a double edge blade
    It can make impossible happen in both good and bad ways

    So pretty much in total
    I would like to seek advise or is it advice

    I need help
    I need support
    Indeed criticism
    I need evidence
    I need everything I can fet my hands on but in the end
    It's not about me but about you and the future of our humanity
    Whether we could make it a better place
    I could always choose to just live my own life and ignore this
    But I care for crying out loud
    I are
    I believe
    I trust in that human beings are capable of performing at their best if given a chance
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      Nov 8 2012: I don't think it is impractical to work toward these ends along with the millions who work toward these and similar ends, though you may find that you will be more effective working in one or a couple of areas that you can come to understand well rather than on all problems.

      In terms of data with respect to poverty, hardship, infant mortality, illiteracy, and so forth, one place with great data available easily online that displays these measures for almost all countries is the World Bank.
      Maybe I am thinking of the United Nations data base.
      Have you visited those websites?

      I do not know the best resource for data about environmental degradation.

      If you are interested in starting to work on these issues other than by talking to peers and so forth about your emerging philosophy and goals, there are a few interesting websites that may allow you to start working collaboratively with others on concrete problems. I like OpenIDEO for the way they bring hundreds of people into generating options for making progress on real issues.

      Another site, which is more oriented to sharing what people are doing and advising each other than to specific collaborative action is the Human Centered Design community.

      There are many other options as well, but these might make a good entry point for you if you are interested in action.
      • Nov 8 2012: Thank you Fritzie
        Yes I understand my concept is a bit TOO ... "liquid, it has no substance as of yet, and I am trying to SEEK substance to apply to my concept"

        What i mean is.. like a chinese proverb "you are curing the stem but not the root" for example you cut a grass... and it will grow back later

        I understand the problems with poverty, hardship, infant mortality, illiterac

        OK, let me give you an example...

        Do you think it is true "charity" to be feeding the poor people in Africa?
        I will leave this as an open ended question.. but let me address this point
        If you keep feeding people, they will become dependent on you
        Is... "trash recycling" a true "JOB?"
        "WHY cant they grow their own food?"
        "WHY is their country in such beat up shape? ... are they BORN to be like that?"

        Other than this... I would like to share what I have concluded.. or not concluded but reached an analysis on...

        a big problem with our world... once again "THE DOUBLE EDGE BLADE"

        one word


        Though I'm not christian but if everyone in the world was in the same faith then
        "What is prohibited in Deuteronomy 15:1-7 and Deuteronomy 23 is interest on any loan, in any form, that has been extended to a poor brother in the faith. It is perfectly all right to lend at interest to someone not in the faith."

        "The Mosaic law prohibited interest on a narrow class of loans: charitable loans "

        Ok, no more talking about the bible and for some modern day concepts,
        PEOPLE LIVE ON DEBT and that is a fact, people depend on it, our world wouldn't work without it

        But, as i read somewhere, the only place without interest payment loans is in native cultures?

        Ok, if that is so.... just CONCEPTUALLY

        is it possible to
        1st UNITE OUR WORLD
        2nd "REDISTRIBUTE LAND" (i will talk about this further in the future)
        3rd MAKE "SMALL tribes... SOCIAL tribes..."
        4th.. I DONT KNOW
        THIS is where I am stuck at

        of course i would like to support the "Green movement" I would like to go against "child labor"
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          Nov 9 2012: I understand, Fermi, that you are at the point of educating yourself rather than wanting to mobilize for action. You are trying to understand better both the world as it is and the reasons and history of how it has become what it has become before you decide what you would like to do, except that you believe at this point that a lasting solution probably includes a reduction in conflict among people (a very popular aim!), changes in land use or ownership, and subdivisions of people into small social tribes. You support education (another almost universally popular aim!), not exploiting children (also an issue most people support aggressively!), and being environmentally conscious (very popular but not universal, as some people believe there is a trade-off between environmental protection and reduction of poverty).
  • Nov 7 2012: definitely
    Ok, as a Gen Y kid... 'm in my second year of college
    all my life I've been doing pretty well... managed to graduate with a 4 in high school
    studying in Hong Kong right now for hotel and tourism management
    but somehow, I've always had a dream in my childhood which is to... bring change to this world, change that people think are impossible to change, ideas, things that just are Obviously Incorrect but are taken for granted and "silent majority" type of matters

    I'm concerned about what exactly are people happy with or not happy with the world around them.

    yes of course a simple answer is like

    yes there's "t'hes women rights" - > but is our ENTIRE world sharing such benefit?

    yes we have "child labor protection" -> look at all those developing countries

    yes we are "more free than we ever were... GO DEMOCRACY" -> is this truly what people want?

    yes we are extremely "globalized" -> yup, we're on the margin of having global economic crisis again...

    yes we have "advanced technology" -> but compared to the amount of time and money and resource we are putting into all the other things... I think we could make/ put alot more use in developing these sophisticated technology

    yes we have "great eduction" -> I think our education system is extremely flawed being at the point where it's as if you "HAVE TO get a higher education to pursue any decent job..."

    why am i bringing up this topic in the first place?

    I was on youtube... and other sites just looking at what people around my age are thinking, or just people a bit older than me and I realized that Gen Y people seem to be more hippie than the hippies.. like well.. extremely liberal is one thing and another is that they WANT change... they rather start their own company and work for themselves than to work for some random rich guy and get laid-off someday in the future..

    so to speak, I want to see the problems that other people see and the "good side" so I can.. "formulate a new philosophy i guess?"

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      Nov 8 2012: Thank you, Fermi, for your explanation, as it creates a context.

      I think many people, even possibly most, see things very much as you do in the sense of wanting to have a part in making things better, in part by standing for- and standing up for, learning, open-mindedness, and tolerance. The only relevance of age to this, is that some of us have more time left than others.

      It is highly possible to live this way.

      I think that, as you are a college student, you probably have a good idea of the things that upset people about the world. My guess is that as you gather further information you will find that most people value a reduction in suffering across the world alongside an acceptance that life must always have its challenges and hat we benefit in unexpected ways from those. People vary widely in their perspectives as to how to improve things, what the sequence of actions should be.

      So I think many share the fundamentals of the philosophy you so far articulate.