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Are you satisfied with your life? Do you think its fair?

Simple question stated as above (ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THIS WORLD)
other question

if you are not, what aren't you satisfied with?
if you are, what ARE you satisfied with?
If anything could happen what would you like to happen?
If everything could be changed, what would you like to change?

Im on the point of deciding what to do with my life


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    • Nov 11 2012: oh wow
      wait.. you published books?
      ok that is really interesting read
      about all that DNA stuff
      yea.. I kind of agree to that.. well MOSTLY agree to the parts I actually understood
      Yes, as from watching a couple Ted talks and studying
      I believe we are born... with these innate personality that makes everyone different however we are also affected by past events (inherited dna information) as well as ON going ... (external influences) which chooses the path for our future development

      so the equation is
      BORN + PAST + ON GOING = Future

      well, since its like this
      wait I don't seem to see where I'm trying to take this or where YOU are trying to take this

      I forgot what you previously said... like about my question
      yes you are satisfied?!?!?!

      or something..
      but yea I dont think that this is a great support for the fact that you are trying to say that there is nothing wrong with our world because obviously if the only purpose is to keep our DNA alive...

      (and from the video... forgot which one.. but apparently we all came from a genetic adam and eve..) everyone in this world is from the same pair of genes

      anyone who lives would supposedly be able to pass our genetic info to the next generation
      BUT .. what if what we are doing right now (the external ongoing influences) are harming us and
      with our thousands of years of ... "Natural DNA" is getting disrupted and altered and.. maybe even going to become destroyed by our.. modern social thoughts.. etc

      I SEE a problem with our world

      are you saying that YOU DONT? and that all the things happening is.. normal? "necessary evil?"

      If that is so... i guess I would have to try hard to convince that the "evils" right now is not necessary and that our enemy is not ourselves but is instead nature and how to keep our race from getting wiped out...
      which we've done a "great job" at ...

      funny... how people are always concerned about shootings and stuff while no one cares much about how many people are dieing from "revenge of nature"

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