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Are you satisfied with your life? Do you think its fair?

Simple question stated as above (ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THIS WORLD)
other question

if you are not, what aren't you satisfied with?
if you are, what ARE you satisfied with?
If anything could happen what would you like to happen?
If everything could be changed, what would you like to change?

Im on the point of deciding what to do with my life


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    Nov 10 2012: As I have come to the point where I can call myself Scientifically literate, I have begun to think that I am satisfied with not only my life and this World but also with the Universe. There are so many beautiful chunks of fact people can explore through. Such as Sagan's; "If you wish to make a pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." and the very fact that we are made of "Star stuffs"

    It is little heart warming thoughts in life such as those uttered by great minds and those you have stumbled upon yourself that make you treasure this experience.

    My only issues are with the publicity of Science and how it is portrayed in the media. I just can't swallow the possibility that the general masses find Science to be a boring and grey subject. Knowledge is the solution, we just have to find the way to bring Science in a fresh package and create a new and more positive outlook on it.
    • Nov 10 2012: I am not trying to blame this but at least for now, I do see it as the "fault"
      the reason that public isnt focusing much on the "IMPORTANT science and its discovery, research etc" is that THERE IS NO MONETARY INCENTIVE!!!!"
      when you don't see worthy to invest in something... people don't want to do it.
      The only reason you see these "major scientific discoveries" is that SOMEONE out there with money thinks that it is worth investing because "it sounds reasonable" and also that "the returns are high... under the circumstance of HIGH risk.. but not under [ABSOLUTE RISK]"

      if you want to convince people to discover greater and deeper into the fields of science, then please, I ask you to support me and "fight" with me, against this world where
      knowledge is unimportant if it does not generate $$$

      you go to school and learn things to get $$$$
      you get a job to $$$
      you get $$$ to buy more "things" to make you look like you have a lot of $$$$
      any thing that does not have to do with $$$ doesnt matter

      when you see a person in need of help .... you give him/ her $$$$
      because $$$ SOLVES EVERYTHING

      well... obviously scientifically... $$$ is not a solution to anything at all, but apparently, our world right now is BRAINWASHED into thinking $$$ = solution

      solve (X+Y+Z+O) = ABC^D for D
      D = $$$

      ok... yea.. maybe that doesnt make sense at all

      i respect you that you have found the mystical universe and discoveries amusing
      I feel that way as well

      just that ... we are unable to find things that EXPLAINS more of who we are what we are doing why we are doing what we are doing etc...

      if we do not break this BARRIER

      $$$ is a BARRIER TO OUR FRIGGIN evolution...
      unless people $$$ is more evolved that those with less $$$
      then wow
      i am wordless

      even if I am wordless
      I would like to PROVE THAT $$$ IS NOT EVERYTHING

      I truly... WISH HOPE DREAM that YOU BELIEVE as well!

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