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Are you satisfied with your life? Do you think its fair?

Simple question stated as above (ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THIS WORLD)
other question

if you are not, what aren't you satisfied with?
if you are, what ARE you satisfied with?
If anything could happen what would you like to happen?
If everything could be changed, what would you like to change?

Im on the point of deciding what to do with my life


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    Nov 8 2012: I am satisfied with my life. I put my trust in God and it has served me well. All my needs have been met, often by circumstances beyond my control. I have made good decisions (led by an inner spirit) and I am better off by them. I feel that I understand things well enough to keep me curious, yet not overwhelmed. I see a hopeful future even if it's blurry, because I know that I am part of something much bigger than myself.

    Population growth, food supply, and disease form an intricate balance. I feel that overpopulation is the leading cause of war, genocide, and social unrest. We need to understand it better.

    All events are controlled by energy. Learning to identify and harness energy is a big field. Better have good math skills
    People need food in sufficient supply. This is also a big field in farming, research and development, and food processing.
    Human comfort is developed through engineering. It also requires good math skills.
    Environmental issues and pollution control is a big field.
    Aerospace and space exploration is a huge and growing field.
    The medical profession and biotechnology is growing.
    Mental health issues and therapy is in great demand.
    Legal and law enforcement is a huge field.
    The entertainment industry has many opportunities.
    Sports, Sales and marketing, Construction, Manufacturing, Mining for resources...
    Explore your options. There are many other fields worth pursuing.

    As for you, seek out your latent abilities. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What interests you? What are your concerns? Are you a leader or follower? Do you have a vision? What are your current options? What skills do you possess? You haven't provided much to go on so I am providing food for thought. Let your intuition be your guide.
    • Nov 8 2012: Dear Roy
      My strengths and weaknesses are not what matters really to me
      what interests me? in helping other people achieve their goals and make our world a better place..."
      sounds dumb but thats what Im interested in...
      Am I a leader? Most of the time I prefer not to, but... there are other cases
      Do I have a vision? YES... of course... i would like to make our world... UNITE ... in a strange sense but yes, break cultural barriers, break strereotypes, break every single social, man made rule that makes us unhappy in any way
      what are my options?
      anything is possible? haha... well im studying business... i have no financial concerns (and I appreciate that fact)
      what skills do I possess?
      no idea? I dream of something and I GET IT DONE... make it happen
      I wanted to be a model... i went and competed and got into top 20 (im happy...)
      I wanted to dance... I went and got a couple friends (who had NO interest much.. and got them to dance)
      I wanted to be a chef... I managed to get an internship during summer to cook
      I want to try out everything
      I believe that anyone can achieve anything they truly want if they try hard,

      I am young... and i have a long way to go
      I think its better to try than to not try and just die
      I want to change our world, the things they value, the pains they suffer,
      I want our world to become a happier place with the only threat being nature instead of ourselves
      I want our world to BELIEVE in each other...
      we put our "believe" into our monetary goods...
      let me ask
      Though I see you as Christian,
      i would like to tell you this,
      I want to make a new belief, a new religion, that tolerates EVERYONE and is / CAN BE ACCEPTED BY EVERYONE
      a BELIEF
      A RELIGION that doesn't concern what divine being you believe in because I personally dont see that as what matters,
      what truly matters is everyone else
      ITS not about me... its about YOU... EVERYONE

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        Nov 8 2012: Fermi,
        You have a good outlook.

        I mentioned strengths & weaknesses because it helps us determine what works and what doesn't in our own lives. Strengths is where we can take the lead and weaknesses is where we need help to overcome obstacles. If we understand those, we can chart a course and see it through.

        What interests you doesn't sound dumb at all. When people work together, there is progress where all benefit.

        You are testing out the waters as they say in trying different things. It will give you a broader outlook. At some point, you will need to determine where you want to plant your feet. That is where your intuition needs to be your guide. Find your niche. You can't save the world, but if you take the attitude that everyone you help is a step in the right direction, then you are planting seeds that may grow into good fruit. As opportunities arise, you may broaden your horizons. It's all good and it's all positive.

        I am a Christian, but my views are radical to what most Christians believe. Jesus presented a parable where people were compared to sheep and goats. The sheep were those who helped each other out in time of need. The goats were those who refused to lend a helping hand. The sheep would go on to discover paradise. The goats would see a world in constant turmoil. It didn't matter what they believed. It only mattered whether they cared about each other or not.

        As far as divinity is concerned, God is not male, nor female, nor any other form known. God is the life force of the cosmos. It is the source from which all things come and back to where they go. It is neither good nor evil, it is what is common to everything. There is nothing that exists that is not part of God. Break everything down in nature and it all becomes the same. Although religions continue to name it, it has no name. I wrote a book about it. You can find it in my profile.
        • Nov 8 2012: Thank you once again Roy
          Yes, I am trying hard well.. and will be for the next two years (until i graduate) to THINK of... to contact as many people as I can, to make a new concept.. of "utopia" just that its not as utopic as it seems... but never the less, a goal that we could look forward to

          Presently, I find that people now a days are too concerned about their (AT THE MOMENT) things. Of course its important to get things done and look at the present, but I feel people are FORCED to look at the present and ignore the future, especially when their future is more or less LEAD by their "money".... its like the metaphor that life is like a river... it flows.. but now i think its more like life is a river of CASH FLOWS and you go where ever that paper goes... or coin..

          It is not the "sheep" dont care anymore, I think its more like the "sheep" is being hypnotized by "magic mushroom pasture..." and that "the wolf is no longer eating the sheep but is instead farming the sheep so that they could sheer the fur for exchange of more food..."
          "the sheep is the same sheep.." just that the "wolf has evolved" into something much nastier than the wolf... and yet.. "the evolved wolf is smarter and can abuse the sheep/ exploit it to its own good, it lost its ability to KILL the sheep by itself, so... the wolf is STUCK in the position of having to farm sheep for food... because it doesnt know how to kill"

          Address the goat part.. I feel like they are just the "laggards in a movement"

          and Yes, God has no gender, or any "physical form"... its a representation, an idea, a belief the divine being, and I believe that. Good and evil is DEFINED by humans, God is objective.. an ETERNAL UNIVERSAL truth

          Humans always wanted to seek out the truth, but what they seek is mostly subjective and misunderstanding it until they found some objective "scientific truth" which they now believe as the divine truth... but before they can apply objective truth in another degree, they will never find it

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