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Are you satisfied with your life? Do you think its fair?

Simple question stated as above (ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THIS WORLD)
other question

if you are not, what aren't you satisfied with?
if you are, what ARE you satisfied with?
If anything could happen what would you like to happen?
If everything could be changed, what would you like to change?

Im on the point of deciding what to do with my life


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  • Nov 8 2012: Dear fritzie
    Yes I do believe that most people out there are wanting to push for "reducing suffering" as I don't see why any one would purposefully want another person to suffer
    Which Is also what I believe most If not all of the traditional religious beliefs are all talking about making and finding and teaching the ultimate happiness no matter if its heaven or nirvana or what ever it may be

    But what I am truly getting to is
    Something impossible impractical
    I want yo turn our world over I want people to stop living in the past stop lining in their mistakes and suffering for the mistakes that other people made
    I want our world to move on and everyone to give each other a second chance everyone to give themselv a second chance
    I hope our world can destroy boundaries
    National boundaries
    Cultural boundaries
    Racial boundaries
    Gender boundaries
    And cooperate to live in this country that I know as earth

    I am setting this as my goal in life
    I know it sound dumb and stupid impractical as it obviously looks
    But I believe
    I believe that you. Can believe
    I believe that every single person in this community an believe

    But first
    I need to idemtify the source of problems and the things that people generally view as reasonable
    To me it's not keeping good and kicking bad
    That's too subjective
    I'm looking for something objective
    And in order to do so
    We need to learn to control but not to remove our emotions
    As to me emotions is a double edge blade
    It can make impossible happen in both good and bad ways

    So pretty much in total
    I would like to seek advise or is it advice

    I need help
    I need support
    Indeed criticism
    I need evidence
    I need everything I can fet my hands on but in the end
    It's not about me but about you and the future of our humanity
    Whether we could make it a better place
    I could always choose to just live my own life and ignore this
    But I care for crying out loud
    I are
    I believe
    I trust in that human beings are capable of performing at their best if given a chance
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      Nov 8 2012: I don't think it is impractical to work toward these ends along with the millions who work toward these and similar ends, though you may find that you will be more effective working in one or a couple of areas that you can come to understand well rather than on all problems.

      In terms of data with respect to poverty, hardship, infant mortality, illiteracy, and so forth, one place with great data available easily online that displays these measures for almost all countries is the World Bank.
      Maybe I am thinking of the United Nations data base.
      Have you visited those websites?

      I do not know the best resource for data about environmental degradation.

      If you are interested in starting to work on these issues other than by talking to peers and so forth about your emerging philosophy and goals, there are a few interesting websites that may allow you to start working collaboratively with others on concrete problems. I like OpenIDEO for the way they bring hundreds of people into generating options for making progress on real issues.

      Another site, which is more oriented to sharing what people are doing and advising each other than to specific collaborative action is the Human Centered Design community.

      There are many other options as well, but these might make a good entry point for you if you are interested in action.
      • Nov 8 2012: Thank you Fritzie
        Yes I understand my concept is a bit TOO ... "liquid, it has no substance as of yet, and I am trying to SEEK substance to apply to my concept"

        What i mean is.. like a chinese proverb "you are curing the stem but not the root" for example you cut a grass... and it will grow back later

        I understand the problems with poverty, hardship, infant mortality, illiterac

        OK, let me give you an example...

        Do you think it is true "charity" to be feeding the poor people in Africa?
        I will leave this as an open ended question.. but let me address this point
        If you keep feeding people, they will become dependent on you
        Is... "trash recycling" a true "JOB?"
        "WHY cant they grow their own food?"
        "WHY is their country in such beat up shape? ... are they BORN to be like that?"

        Other than this... I would like to share what I have concluded.. or not concluded but reached an analysis on...

        a big problem with our world... once again "THE DOUBLE EDGE BLADE"

        one word


        Though I'm not christian but if everyone in the world was in the same faith then
        "What is prohibited in Deuteronomy 15:1-7 and Deuteronomy 23 is interest on any loan, in any form, that has been extended to a poor brother in the faith. It is perfectly all right to lend at interest to someone not in the faith."

        "The Mosaic law prohibited interest on a narrow class of loans: charitable loans "

        Ok, no more talking about the bible and for some modern day concepts,
        PEOPLE LIVE ON DEBT and that is a fact, people depend on it, our world wouldn't work without it

        But, as i read somewhere, the only place without interest payment loans is in native cultures?

        Ok, if that is so.... just CONCEPTUALLY

        is it possible to
        1st UNITE OUR WORLD
        2nd "REDISTRIBUTE LAND" (i will talk about this further in the future)
        3rd MAKE "SMALL tribes... SOCIAL tribes..."
        4th.. I DONT KNOW
        THIS is where I am stuck at

        of course i would like to support the "Green movement" I would like to go against "child labor"
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          Nov 9 2012: I understand, Fermi, that you are at the point of educating yourself rather than wanting to mobilize for action. You are trying to understand better both the world as it is and the reasons and history of how it has become what it has become before you decide what you would like to do, except that you believe at this point that a lasting solution probably includes a reduction in conflict among people (a very popular aim!), changes in land use or ownership, and subdivisions of people into small social tribes. You support education (another almost universally popular aim!), not exploiting children (also an issue most people support aggressively!), and being environmentally conscious (very popular but not universal, as some people believe there is a trade-off between environmental protection and reduction of poverty).

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