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How best to educate the public as to the importance of the Slower Traffic Keep Right laws in respect to public safety?

Slower Traffic Keep Right is the law in most states. Failure to keep right has a negative effect on traffic safety, traffic congestion, emergency response, aggressive driving, air pollution, fuel consumption, direct and indirect medical costs and much more.

There are many traffic safety laws, Slower Traffic Keep Right may be the most important. Not only is it a law, but also a guide on how to maintain order on today’s busy roads and freeways. With an ever increasing amount of vehicles and usually between two and four lanes, this is the only way that motorists of differing speeds can share the road safely and orderly.

If all motorists obeyed the Slower Traffic Keep Right laws at all times there would be a reduction in traffic accidents, traffic fatalities and traffic congestion. Emergency response would also be improved resulting in even more lives being saved.

The main argument against enforcing this law is that it promotes speeding. The fact is that this is not a speed issue, but a safety issue. It is the responsibility of the police to enforce the speeding laws, not other motorists. Motorists that impede the free flow of traffic force faster motorists to pass on the right. Impeding the free flow of traffic is a very dangerous practice and a leading cause of aggressive driving and road rage.

Undisciplined motorists that impede the free flow of traffic through ignorance, inattention, or just being inconsiderate show a disregard for public safety and the normal practice of defensive driving. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Whether you drive fast, slow, or moderate, people that drive slowly in the passing lanes cause a hazard for all of us.

Slower Traffic Keep Right is a basic driving technique. How do we get politicians, law enforcement and the motoring public on the same page as to the importance of this law? There is a grass roots campaign that is addressing this issue, Google America Keep right.

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    Nov 8 2012: Mr. Winner, Thank you for your input. We need pros and cons to truly engage in a meaningful conversation. However, all that you comment about is speed (read your comment again). Slower Traffic Keep Right does not promote speeding. At no point do you make any mention of motorists that impede the free flow of traffic.

    If you would have read this whole conversation you would have seen the following statements that I made previously. "I do not condone speeding" and "Many of these faster motorists need to exercise patience and not weave in and out of traffic." This is a traffic safety campaign, not a movement for speeders. I have had this conversation many times about speed vs. safety. So let me ask you some important questions to fully understand your logic.

    What is your opinion of motorists that drive below the speed limit in the passing lanes? Do you believe in passing lanes?

    I agree that motorists in California often drive 20 MPH and higher above the speed limit. This is very dangerous. Driving with the "flow at the faster speed" to avoid a ticket from the CHP is not a sound driving practice. Would you rather drive in the passing lanes and have all of the faster motorists pass you on the right? Do you think that this is safe?

    I do live in California, but I was born is Colorado and raised in New Mexico. I noticed that you live in Arizona. I have traveled through Arizona many, many times and in my personal opinion, Arizona motorists are some of the worst violators of the Slower Traffic Keep Right law. From the Arizona/California border westbound, there seems to be a disproportionate number of motorists with Arizona plates impeding the free flow of traffic (driving slowly in the passing lanes). This is an observation that I have made time and again when returning to California.

    If you want to drive the posted speed limit, drive in the proper lane. You are not the speed police, or are you? How can you choose to obey some laws and not others?
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      Nov 8 2012: I am retired law enforcement. Yes the majority of the speeders coming through Arizona were from California and New Mexico ... they were also the majority of the acidents we experienced.

      Driving the speed limit in California is dangerious in my experience. If as you say the speed is often 20+ MPH over the posted speed ... then the slow drivers are doing the proper and posted speed and are labeled slow traffic in your words.

      So again speed is the problem. If the sign said 55 and everyone did 55 this problem would not exist nor would this conversation.

      Jesse, I wish you well but please slow down (if you speed) ... The worst experience is watching people die trying to get there 10 minutes faster. There are valid reasons for speed laws.

      Bob "the ex speed police" LOL.

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