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Demand that more industries seek informed consent.

John Wilbanks' Consent to Research project obtains genuine informed consent from participants because it is important.

I am in an expensive long-term contract with CenturyLink because I did not understand what I agreed to with them. It is significantly harming me. A better outcome would have occurred if they had sought informed consent as well as Consent to Research does.

This problem involves many many companies and many many customers. It is huge. It was involved in the market collapse of 2008 and the consequences of that.

The speaker is right that informed consent is important to protect us in medical research. Why isn't informed consent considered important to protect us as consumers and workers? Consent to Research has a beautiful informed consent process that took the risks of participating very seriously and that anyone would understand, and that does not rush anyone to take action. Other industries can certainly afford to provide the same level of honesty. But they will not concede without a demand.

Do you know of other examples of organizations that should improve their standard of informed consent? How would an individual or an organization make such a demand? Do you know examples of people making that demand and being successful?