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How can we make the world even smaller, more accessible? *A TEDActive Mobility Project Question*


The TEDActive Mobility Project will explore ways to reduce the cost, time and necessity of driving. We'll look at the barriers to mobilizing local communities, and examine new tools that can make our world more accessible.

At TEDActive2011 in Palm Springs, an amazing group of individuals came together as a group to come up with a simple micro-action solution for making our world a much smaller place. After a quick 36 hour period of time, they recommended that we make an effort to be a bigger person and "SOCIAL UP." They're sharing their Social Up experiences in the TEDActive mobility project page (click on link above), and invite you to share your ideas in the TED Conversations space. Please tag TEDActiveMOB in the "topics" section below for us all to join you!

What would be your micro-solution to making the world more accessible?


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  • Apr 13 2011: As I understand the question, You're asking about the WORLD and how to make it smaller whereas, most of the comments posted deal with mostly local issues.
    There are several things that must be done first. A free exchange of ideas and education should be a worldwide priority. Next, politics and religion should be done away with. More people have died for those two things than any other in history. Medical care should be readily available to everyone, no matter where you're from or if you have insurance or not. All national borders should be eliminated. Every household should be energy self-sufficient, whether it's from solar panels or wind turbines or any other source of non-poluting energy. Cars, trucks and busses should be converted from fossil fuels to hydrogen for long distance or electric power for local commuting.
    When I said to do away with politics, I don't mean to do away with government. We'll still need laws for a while yet. When I said do away with religion, I don't mean you should stop your worship services. There are those that need the support of their god.
    This is only the shadow of my vision of "Utopia". Maybe someday portions of this will become a reality and bring to fruition the topics of conversations that were held in basements and bedrooms four decades and more ago. John Lennon had it right in his song, "Imagine".
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      Apr 27 2011: Great vision, John. I like your Utopia. Even getting closer to these ideas would be an amazing transformation away from hyper-local bickering to global hand-in-hand partnerships.

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