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How can we make the world even smaller, more accessible? *A TEDActive Mobility Project Question*


The TEDActive Mobility Project will explore ways to reduce the cost, time and necessity of driving. We'll look at the barriers to mobilizing local communities, and examine new tools that can make our world more accessible.

At TEDActive2011 in Palm Springs, an amazing group of individuals came together as a group to come up with a simple micro-action solution for making our world a much smaller place. After a quick 36 hour period of time, they recommended that we make an effort to be a bigger person and "SOCIAL UP." They're sharing their Social Up experiences in the TEDActive mobility project page (click on link above), and invite you to share your ideas in the TED Conversations space. Please tag TEDActiveMOB in the "topics" section below for us all to join you!

What would be your micro-solution to making the world more accessible?


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    Mar 30 2011: I think we could provide free internet access to everyone and start public carpooling sites. Besides that, the public transportation fare could be A LOT cheaper, especially in New York.
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      Mar 30 2011: Not only cheaper: public transportation should be more confortable and entertaining. It has to be more attractive than cars in every way. But how? Well, let's imagine if you could watch a TED talk on a TV inside a bus on your way to work, for example. In subway stations here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we have cultural events every week. Investing in public transportation's security and infrastructure would be helpful too.
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      Mar 31 2011: Free internet access? Cheap transport? Well, you see governments do not have any interest in doing this. They are aware of the fact that you don't have a choice. What is more, people will start to demand more and more things to be cheaper and free. Who would alow that? By the way, stupid people are easy to control. Noone wants you to be wise or something. They need you to work for them,nothing more.
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        Apr 4 2011: I think most people would realise the govt's have no interest in this but the idea of TED is to discuss ideas and ideals etc without all the naysaying that goes on by the negative people Stoyu.

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