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What would you do to make a difference if you were a multi-millionaire right now?

If you had a lot of financial resources to tap on, how would you spend or invest your millions to make a positive change in the world that will leave a lasting legacy of hope for others?

This is a good exercise even if you are not financially rich yet to keep you motivated to reach your goals in life.


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    Nov 7 2012: Sow a seed - The intellectual Trees will grow
    perception to vision is a long way to transcend borders.
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      Nov 7 2012: Which specific seed would you sow Vidyardhi that will transcend borders? What examples can you share with us?
    • Nov 8 2012: Vidyardhi, so what are you actually suggestion? I don't think you could sow a seed if you don't know or have the specific seed.
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        Nov 8 2012: Mr. Vidyardhi responded above this thread 2 hours ago.

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