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What would you do to make a difference if you were a multi-millionaire right now?

If you had a lot of financial resources to tap on, how would you spend or invest your millions to make a positive change in the world that will leave a lasting legacy of hope for others?

This is a good exercise even if you are not financially rich yet to keep you motivated to reach your goals in life.


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    Nov 7 2012: It's more of a billionaire wish, but you could build a scalable model with a few million, then repeat it...

    I'd build a vertical organic, maybe hydroponic farm, in an abandoned building in a major city. Run a posh organic restaurant on the top floor. Maybe even head chef it, if people other than myself enjoyed eating my food. Profit, rinse, repeat, hopefully...
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      Nov 7 2012: Due to the given response limitation, I have to answer here:

      Neil deGrasse Tyson is asking the right question: 'Where is the rest of life represented here?' He brings in engineers and scientist and I would like to add any other profession to complete the picture. Academia is a minority in society so why should they be a majority in congress? As consultans they are fine, as their specialized knowledge would be needed, yet the voting power should reflect more equally the fabric of its society.

      '... is dissenting journalism and anti government messaging actually illegal in Germany?'

      No, it is not illegal and the freedom of speach is guaranteed by law.

      This much for the official record, but most of us know, that there are practical issues to this matter in our daily lifes, and this not only for journalist...

      Most modern democracies are contradictory in the way they organize economy and almost all companies are not democratic! This is a crucial point, as on this level any 'freedom of speach' faces consequences.

      This is where the invisible minefield of careers begins. Where opinions and values get silently traded for promotion, boni and rank. Of course, no one is foced to play along, as we are all part of the family, right? But many people do as they know what happened to those who didn't...

      In most media, ' ... dissenting journalism and anti government messaging ...' is based on those minefields and thereby influenced by this very sophisticated and delicate level of censorship.

      After the ending of Nazi Germany, the new constitution adopted the model of the BBC to create a broadcast system which was independend from governmental and economic influences and financed by 'the people'.

      This is still working today, sort of, as also on many of those programs commercials are shown as well.

      So is this a guarantee for independent, unbiased and uncensored journalism? No, it isn't, but this is the clostest you'll ever get out of a single source of information...
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      Nov 7 2012: ' ... but... You didn't answer his freakin question : p'

      Yes I did! But I would agree on suggestions that I could have been more 'to the point'. :o)

      Cross 95% of my words, bring the remaining ones in a new order and you have my answer right there!

      'The re-entrance of 'the people' into our democracy, by giving them a budged for campaigning.'

      That's it! Charmingly simple, undeniable true and desperately needed today! :o)

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