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What would you do to make a difference if you were a multi-millionaire right now?

If you had a lot of financial resources to tap on, how would you spend or invest your millions to make a positive change in the world that will leave a lasting legacy of hope for others?

This is a good exercise even if you are not financially rich yet to keep you motivated to reach your goals in life.


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    Nov 6 2012: I'd build the interactive museum I've been dreaming and planning for the last several years. It emphasizes the implementation of sustainable and socially, economically, and globally responsible business models and includes symbiotic relationships with local businesses and charitable groups to enrich the local community in every way imaginable. I'd also build a FREE large, public, year-round city garden that would help to grow not only food, but medicinal herbs, and provide compost and mentorship to help citizens grow their own. Surplus items would be donated to locally owned grocery stores and the local food bank. And also, a non-religious community support center, which would include a clothes closet, food pantry, toy room, free handyman services, cooking and childcare classes, breastfeeding support, cloth diapering help, things of that nature, that you can't get in my town outside of religious organizations that tend to proselytize. Poverty is of great concern in my area.
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      Nov 6 2012: Very good idea Rachel! Where is your area?
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        Nov 6 2012: I'm in Amarillo, Texas. It's in the Panhandle. :)

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