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What would you do to make a difference if you were a multi-millionaire right now?

If you had a lot of financial resources to tap on, how would you spend or invest your millions to make a positive change in the world that will leave a lasting legacy of hope for others?

This is a good exercise even if you are not financially rich yet to keep you motivated to reach your goals in life.


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    Nov 6 2012: In the overall scheme millions are a drop in the bucket for a venture of any size at all. Having said that there must be an investment to ensure the constant flow of money over a long period of time. Having said that the one investment that you could make would be setting up a educational fund with unique return clauses.

    1. Scholarship selection committee.
    2. Partnership with perhaps ten corporations worldwide.
    3. Build houses at four major universities (more later) MIT - Stanford - etc ... to house the selectees.

    If you could educate these students and employee them in a internship for XXX years and then the company would send them back to their home countries for employment in expanding ventures. The student and the companies would each contribute back to the educational fund thus keeping the cycle going hopefully forever.

    If this is done right it would develop future leadership for developing countries. They would contribute to the economic growth and the stabilization of existing governments by bringing corporate business into the country through these founding companies. (long range hopes)

    In this manner I could have influenced education, growth, and development on a world scale with pertetual funding. There is no reason to believe that this would work in developed and undeveloped countries. The trick would be to marry the student with the long range plans of a corporation and convience them this is a win win venture.

    Just a thought. My original investment would be one million tops. The returns priceless.

    All the best. Bob.

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