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Starting a "Green School"

If you were starting a Green School for your local community, what features would you build into both the hardware (physical infrastructure) and the software (educational community infrastructure)?


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  • Nov 5 2012: I would start by cleaning my brain of all off the assumptions and remnants of the Industrial Age and Factory Model of education. If you don't stat there, you're missing the best place from which to lead people away from thinking they are outside of nature i.e. overlords making managerial decisions about agriculture and biology--to being nature itself. How to we become registrants of nature or amplifiers of nature or conduits of nature? Are we already but our hierarchical regimentation that in part have come from religion robbed us of these sensitivities. I totally urge that the idea of a "green school" is a product of a non-green mind and that until we reconcile ourselves with nature we'll still be locked in Industrial Revolution on the outside looking in to "manage stuff". This takes guts. We have to embrace the truth of our animal nature, But that is not a loss of innocence-it is an opening of a truth that shall set you free in ways you can't imagine.

    Green schools can be one room where you just do administrative work, Everyday life is a school. All you really have to do is teach people to journalize what they see according to a sensitivity to nature as a primary imperative and you can save yourself the dirt and the little cups and lights. Most information exists somewhere already--ya just gotta lead people to assemble its relevance in ways that excite them and make them want to share their view.

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