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The illusion of infinity (the ultimate role of infinity)

Infinity was always beyond a theory or a fact , it’s more positioned as an endless path for humans. It was always perceived as a black hole leading to a numerically undefined volume of life’s aspects, thoughts & routes.
Despite that infinity was proved & assumed as a theory over ages. However, it contradicts with the basic pillar of ‘scientific constant facts’, positioning itself as the ongoing unreachable variable in life, that can never be embraced nor calculated.
simply infinity is an undefined amount nor accurately defined coming under the word ‘unknown’. Making it scientifically not an option, unless its beyond being scientific.
A person must reach a limit to know his capabilities & define opportunities. But without reaching the limits & boundaries none can cover the opportunities & understand the non-understandable.
Even Life is mainly shaped in round shapes as molecules, planets, galaxies & paths. Making everything seems unlimited-even-visually infinite, starting from the very exploration era were humans thought that the seas were endless till discovering the end of its infinity, reaching a point were infinity proved wrong on one topic, but exits for billions of other topics
Infinity as a concept is too collective that covers all possible portions of life, making the idea of overcoming it more impossible. In order to defeat this infamous giant, we must cover every & each topic, one by one, reaching the ‘infinity’ of each path, limiting the unlimited, to be able to connect the dots, solve the lifetime maze once & for all.
Infinity was always the definite variable of science, but the absolute constant of life. It existed since the beginning, occurring in present & prepared for future.
The world was built around the concept of infinity with a mystic role towards life, working as the ultimate magnetic fuel that attracts & encourage humans to keep on going, understanding, working together over time completing each other reaching the end of each infinity.

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    Nov 5 2012: Thanks Mohamed for offering this interesting (at least to me) idea for conversation. With all respect, my view would be antithetical to yours. You seem to propose that since we have 'disproven' some ancient specific beliefs regarding components of infinity, that this 'infamous giant can be defeated' by the aplication of scientific method to each of the 'billions' of facets of belief in infinity. On the surface, that approach seems reasonable. The problem (for me) is that the understanding of infinity can not be accomplished solely with reason and it's champion: scientific method. The example you cited was the ancient belief in the infinity of the seas. At the time, the tools humanity had developed revealed the seas as infinite. Then one day we had better tools and realized that the seas were indeed finite. Today it seems we believe that scientific method with its cause and effect, measurement and evaluation, mathematical probability, and reproducible experimentation can reveal, in itself, the complexity of the universe. And along with that, we shun the 'inner knowledge of the ancients' and the 'intuitions of mankind' as too imprecise to be valid. After all, we can 'prove' many old beliefs as erroneous. But how is it that we can meet someone and like them instantly- or not - and be correct? Or 'know them' even though we've never met? How are wisdom and justice calculated? If that were possible, I would suggest that the world would be quite different. What is instinct? What is absolutely knowing you're going to get the job, or not, and then you do, or don't? What are 'alternate universes and dimensions' in physics but substantiation for the belief in 'other worldly' life. My point is that our current abilities with scientific method are insufficient - by themselves- to explore infinity. We've only just begun to understand our own physical world let alone the 'infinity' of the universe. Thanks again for the interesting conversation.
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      Nov 6 2012: Thanks for your comprehensive reply & view. And admire the fact that the topic is interesting to you, as it was always a topic that triggers a lot to my mind. Making me glad & interested to know different views about it.
      Actually most of the points you stated before is mainly in line with the overall idea, but please let me clarify the concept more-bearing in mind that the idea won’t be serving creating a comprehensive formula to be applied on different to solve it- as I agree with you that ‘infinity’ can’t be treated as a solely subject & science is one of the key players against it that provides us with right tools & scientific methodologies.
      As the key idea is about redefining our perception towards infinity & build over various tools to seize the way we deal with it & fast-forward it to cover more topics of it based on the tools that we used & the understanding that we reached.
      The main thing about infinity here, is how things are built to ensure our continuity, making reasons for humans to look forward for tomorrow.
      Encouraging humans to utilize all scientific, human instincts & knowledge, accommodated with the constant motive to keep going ‘infinity’.
  • Dec 4 2012: Encouragement is one of the best things people can go out of their way to do for others. Your theory of infinity is intriguing. It is true that infinity can be seen at various spectrum's. Why is it that we can only begin to know the science of things after they've been proven? The answer to that is only how we've been guiding our journey. If we are able to measure our ability and produce statistics, infinity most definitely can be seen as an illusion.
    Isn't it interesting through each day we can have feelings and thoughts towards things but not really recognize them? The mere illusion is that we had put value into a way of life at some point and now our results don't match our outcomes. It is hard to navigate existence and be an example for others when we are solely responsible for our feelings.
    So the answer seems to be to find correct value at each time in our life. Once we achieved everything at once perceived and reached our limits we do tend to look at our effort put within our experiences. We do tend to forget that we are responsible for our own feelings and that we do have commit when things get tough.
    Confusion is just the beginning. What comes next is the creation process. Truly, we are bound to this illusion when we feel we don't deserve to enact what we caused in the rift of the universe.
    Thank you for this reminder! :) I always do forget that in each day we complete multiple things that navigate us to our current homeostasis. It's also interesting how universal us humans are bound to this theory. Either we respect this way of theory and receive calculated results, or we can be blinded by striving and gambling our feelings away.
  • Nov 19 2012: Mohamed this is a very interesting view on infinity, it is something that few people seem to ever question. Right before I started looking at the ideas board I was watching a movie about time travel. It had me thinking of why things in most peoples mind have to be so finite. There is no law anywhere that truly explains the infinity that we all are taught and accustomed too. I would also be curious to see and understand what it would be like if we could reveal the secretes of the so called "Magical Infinity" how would it change our perspectives?
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      Nov 20 2012: Thanks for that question Kayla, it really redefines the full view about infinity in the form of the human productive curiosity, that accordingly triggers wider range of questions to cover further aspects to put us on the truer path.
      I believe revealing the secretes of infinitywould tweak our perspectives of how treat things across different life aspects, that should accelerate our solutions/methodologies adaptation process, re-estimating the givens & reaching further conclusions.
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    Nov 7 2012: What you refer is infinite modes of Communication- from Inspiration to Divine Nature part of human Resources Development study groups. The reference frames- Science, Philosophy and Religion lead to Space Cosmology studies- origins vedas.
    It is a relative term. multi-Universe concepts have been introduced by my through Books-projections -1993-96
    and through Research papers-since 1999.- Search cosmology vedas Interlinks-15 books
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    Nov 6 2012: The natural realm of human existence is based on definable limits. Natural man's cognitive and analyitical abilities operate on a defined limit system. Infinity, eternity and immutability are no more than concepts of philosophy to natural Man. The natural must be set aside, or transcended, if such concepts are to be "proven" and understood. Science, as defined by the Scientific Method, does not recognize the existence of the supernatural realm. Your posted idea must be developed using methods unfamiliar to natural science. Imagination and fantasy are restrained by the scientific method. When we depart from science we become vulnerable to nearly limitless variations of possible explanations of reality. One person says Multiple Universes, another says 11 dimensions of existence, etc. Fictional science is an oxymoron, but much that is called science is fiction. Communication from the supernatural realm is essential to understand the things of the supernatural. Enter the Holy Bible, the Word of God. Understandable only to believers this collection of 66 books is supernatural, it is God's communication to Mankind. It is a dynamic, self-interpreting book which prepares its followers for infinity, eternity and immutability. Thus ends my contribution to this provocative and relevant conversation. Thank you Mr. Sayed!
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      Nov 20 2012: Thanks to you Mr.Long for your boundless view & understanding regarding the topic, that covers further aspects of this interesting topic, helping to reach better understanding & adopting pioneer methodologies to embrace this topic
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    Nov 28 2012: What do you mean by infinity being an illusion?
  • Nov 27 2012: I think, we can also do the comparision like this
    Infinity = universe (space)
    Zero = sans universe

    The above 3 (Universe, infinity, zero) does not exist as cannot be proved or defined.
    Hence proved
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    Nov 6 2012: Infinity is the way that humans have to limit our reasoning at an unreacheable point to our finite mind.

    As far as I see it, existence has to possible limits: one and infinite.