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The illusion of infinity (the ultimate role of infinity)

Infinity was always beyond a theory or a fact , it’s more positioned as an endless path for humans. It was always perceived as a black hole leading to a numerically undefined volume of life’s aspects, thoughts & routes.
Despite that infinity was proved & assumed as a theory over ages. However, it contradicts with the basic pillar of ‘scientific constant facts’, positioning itself as the ongoing unreachable variable in life, that can never be embraced nor calculated.
simply infinity is an undefined amount nor accurately defined coming under the word ‘unknown’. Making it scientifically not an option, unless its beyond being scientific.
A person must reach a limit to know his capabilities & define opportunities. But without reaching the limits & boundaries none can cover the opportunities & understand the non-understandable.
Even Life is mainly shaped in round shapes as molecules, planets, galaxies & paths. Making everything seems unlimited-even-visually infinite, starting from the very exploration era were humans thought that the seas were endless till discovering the end of its infinity, reaching a point were infinity proved wrong on one topic, but exits for billions of other topics
Infinity as a concept is too collective that covers all possible portions of life, making the idea of overcoming it more impossible. In order to defeat this infamous giant, we must cover every & each topic, one by one, reaching the ‘infinity’ of each path, limiting the unlimited, to be able to connect the dots, solve the lifetime maze once & for all.
Infinity was always the definite variable of science, but the absolute constant of life. It existed since the beginning, occurring in present & prepared for future.
The world was built around the concept of infinity with a mystic role towards life, working as the ultimate magnetic fuel that attracts & encourage humans to keep on going, understanding, working together over time completing each other reaching the end of each infinity.


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    Nov 6 2012: Infinity is the way that humans have to limit our reasoning at an unreacheable point to our finite mind.

    As far as I see it, existence has to possible limits: one and infinite.

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