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Abstinence: a failure to society

Abstinence is this idea that not having sex will stop children from having sex and getting pregnant.

Since the application of abstinence programs, the teen pregnancy rate and STD rate have grown substantially higher, compared toEuropean (Netherlands) countries.

One reason is because sex isn't frowned upon and is open discussed. Unlike the U.S. having this mentality that it's aboo and shouldn't be discussed, and should only happen inside marriage.
These Ideas cause teens more anxiety, because they want advice on sexual relationships but are afraid of disappointment and harsh ridicule from their parents. Sex Ed in school is rare, instead their teacher's focus on Abstinence how it's the answer to all.

Failing to emphasize on safe sex practices and to be prepared with protection, and supplying condoms, or advocating how to have a good sexual relationship. This idea causes teens to rebel and sneak out at night.

Unlike the other countries example. Their Parents are so open with their teens having sex. They let the teen do it in there parent's home and inform the parent's of the other partner about there child's whereabouts.

Simply because they rather know that the kid was home safe with someone they know and met. Instead of sneaking out with a random stranger in a shady place. They understand sex is a part of being human and having a relationship.


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  • Nov 9 2012: How many people honestly "sneak out with a random stranger in a shady place" to learn how to have a good sexual relationship?

    Abstinence is the only certain way to prevent pregnancy since birth control or condoms don't always work. I'm not saying it's "the answer", I'm just saying it is the most dependable preventitive measure.

    If the U.S. really thought it was a taboo why is it mentioned or shown in entertainment so much?

    How okay parents are with what their teen's sex life varies, and there are parents out there that are fine with it, because they too realize "sex is part of being human and having a relationship".

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