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Are we slaves to the forces that conspire to keep Republicans and Democrats in the United States in a 50/50 stand off?

I have been increasingly amazed about something in American politics: Half the country apparently thinks the other half is some combination of insane, immoral, or perhaps just misled. I can't quite grasp how that can be true, but it seems to be true to me, as I listen to and talk to the vast majority of people who are firmly republican or democrat.

These aren't just simple things we're fighting about. We're fighting about life and death issues, like what happens to women when they get raped, and what our health care policy should be. I would think that with such disputes, eventually one side or the other would win out. Both can't be right. Yet both sides seem perpetually evenly balanced. Is there some force at work forcing this even balance? If so, what is it? Are we all just slaves to this force?

Throughout American history, there have been roughly equal numbers of republican (18) and democratic (16) presidents, ignoring other parties throughout American history. (Hopefully I got that right, but fact check me if you are so inclined...) This leads me to conclude that there must be some larger social force at work influencing the masses of people, to keep these numbers perpetually balanced. Because I can't understand how these forces can be so evenly balanced over so many years without some force keeping them balanced.

What force(s) keep on keeping republicans and democrats so evenly balanced in the United States? Are we slaves to this force?


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  • Nov 6 2012: You have to understand how much the media reinforces this tribal dynamic. Third party candidates have been extremely marginalized for years, from both the right and the left. Jill Stein Green party Candidate was in jail during one of the debates for protesting being unhallowed to debate. In 2008 Ron Paul wasn't invited to the Fox News debate the night before the new hampshire primary when he had very legitimate numbers of supporters not only in new hampshire but in the country. Whenever I watch these cheap manufactured debates all i can think is how bad either one of the candidates could be destroyed on certain issues by an outsider.

    I think the real way to analyze this is not to look where they separate it is to look at what both candidates support and only then do you get some picture as to why things are the way they are. They both support vast military expenditures and continuing this world campaign of spreading "democracy". They both have said nothing to each other about the growing destruction of civil liberties, and believe me NDAA should have been on the forefront of issues that need discussing. Why is it do you think Obama did not criticize Romney over being the wall street candidate? Well they both are, Obama received massive backing from financial institutions in 2008 and these guys bet wisely they got their bailout and almost no one was prosecuted for the financial collapse.

    The media plays to a narrative never forget who controls the news... very large corporations who's profits are maid by other large corporations wanting their product associated with their message. Also notice much of their news comes from press releases from the government. Republican Democrat insanity is ridiculous i don't even know what the terms mean anymore. What I do know is that they both support the things that matter to big business and the spreading of our American Government's genes around the world....


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