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How can we create a more collaborative government? Is E-Government feasible?

The impending presidential election has brought to the forefront many fundamental questions on the nature of government policy. One questions is around the essence of democracy itself and whether it can be enhanced to take advantage of collaborative technology. How can we establish a feasible framework to allow greater citizen participation in creating policy?

Beth Noveck argues that "we don’t have institutions that are good at bringing our talents to bear, at working with us in this open and collaborative way... The next great super power is going to be the one who can combine the hierarchy of institution with the diversity and the pulsating life and chaos and excitement of networks: all of us working together to build these new innovations on top of our institutions to engage in the practice of governance..”

Further Clay Shirky argues that the nature of government participation currently falls short of its potential and explains that "part of the problem is lack of information.. but, the bigger problem of course is power: The people experienced with participation don’t have legislative power and the people with legislative power are not experimenting with participation."

Have current open government initiatives come up short? Should all citizens participate more in creating policy? How can we create a truly collaborative Government?


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  • Nov 18 2012: I offer a concept approach at www.YSenate.org and hope to have working product in a few months, looking for collaborators and critical feedback on three new ideas: 1) Primary Color Voting, 2) Neighborhood Delegate Clustering, and 3) Integration with Git for line item legislative voting. I would love your feedback, please check out the concept pitch.
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      Nov 18 2012: This looks awesome. Thanks for sharing! Will definitely come back with y feedback.

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