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How would we run this world without the need of money?

I have alway's woundered what earth would look like if we evolved to a point where we dont need money.

  • Nov 6 2012: Yeah, Cory!!
    Advertise the Venus Project so that others can scoff at you, especially when they have no good ideas and haven't worked on anything for 75 years to help humans change to a better, humane world.
    Keep believing that it can be done because it is your life you will be alive in and not theirs. They will be dead and gone.

    If you are young, then dream and try to make those a reality. Most will try and sway you from your dreams and goals because they have given up on theirs, and certainly don't want anyone else to succeed where they have morally and cowardly receded.

    With things proceeding the way they are, it is very possible that a global economy will collapse in your lifetime and everyone will be forced to survive without money. And that will be a good thing, as long as they don't resurrect it.

    Nothing costs money. It all costs people. Money is a fraudulent system, inherently unjust and thus can't ever be made just. It has to be done away with and a just system created that serves the globe, without reason and cause for corruption, greed and crime.

    The Venus Project may not be perfect, nothing is, but there is nothing else on the horizon except for another monetary system that will be just a corrupt, slave-driven, futile, Feudal System, with the rapidly dwindling resources of the earth going only to those in power who will offer the world their "final solution" that will save the globe. Horse radish!!

    Keep dreaming and doing and as, oh, well, the dead Mr. Jobs said, think different, so dream different. Not too many others are.
  • Nov 5 2012: Cory,

    How long the money was around? who invented it and why it was invented.
    well, for trading goods people needed a unite for exchange.

    I believe without that it was tougher to come to an agreement trading one pound sugar with one pound salt,
    people might end up endless negotiation process.

    does one pound sugar worth one pound salt or more, or vice versa?
    now try to find an agreeable deal for this between neighbours, then communities, then maybe nations...
    I think in order to avoid such an unnecessary negotiations, they simply come up with an unite an named it money.

    but remember Roman soldiers were paid with salt, and that's where the word: Salary came from.

    it's too late to go back and try to run the world without money.
    sorry to say that, but that's as true as the now.

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    Nov 5 2012: Hi, Cory. If you are new to TED and interested in this subject, I have good news for you. There have been lots of conversations on this subject here, which you should be able to find by scrolling on down among the threads.

    So until those who are passionate about this subject jump in, you could start looking at the last few rounds.
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      Nov 5 2012: Yeah Iam new I just sign up today. It would be cool to hear other's idea's on this subject.
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    Nov 7 2012: Hi Cory,

    It's definitely a tough one - but I'll give it a go.

    Stop counting beans. If someone is accused of causing harm, take them before the community to explore the harm.
    If the individual persists in harm, expell them from the community. If that person attempts to return or access the value of the community in any way, bring them before the community to decide if re-admission is acceptable. If it is not - kill him/her.
    Everything else takes care of itself.
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    Nov 6 2012: As Edward Long has wisely stated, there is still need for something that would serve as a store of value,to be used for equitable exchange of essential goods and services.
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    Nov 6 2012: If by "money" you mean currency then you cannot run this world without it. Even in Project Venus there is a need for equitable exchange of essential goods and services. Basic needs must be met if life is to flourish. Can 7-billion humans all become 100% self-supporting with no need for commercial interaction with another person? I don't think so. As Mr. Nazarian states below, there will always be a need for an Exchange Unit.
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    Nov 4 2012: why don't you just go ahead, and advertise the venus project?