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What is it like to die?

What is it like to die? - going to an eternal sleep or spending a temporarily dreamless night?

"Now, if the death is only a dreamless sleep, it must be a marvellous gain. I suppose that if anyone were told to pick out a night on which he slept so soundly as not even to dream, and then to compare with all the other nights and days of his life, and then were told to say, after due consideration, how many better and happier days ad nights than this he had spent in the course of his life - well, I think that ... (anyone) would find these days and nights easy to counts in comparison with the rest. But death is like this, the, I call it gain, because the whole of time, if you look at it in this way, can be regarded as no more than one single night." - Plato, The last day of Socrates.

This remind me Hamlet's monologue
"..................................To die, to sleep;
To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub;
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause..."

being alive means not having first hand experience with death and its process.
but makes us to think if the world ended now would we be happy how you lived our life, would we done justice or would we just let it pass us by.
and finally would we be ready to face the death.

Steve Jobs said: "death is the only destination we all share"

share your ideas (before you die) :-) Thank you


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    Nov 5 2012: Good morning again - look at existential ideas. Personal experience of surviving huge earthquake when three years old, impacts on you for life. Energised by life but difficult when others not having that experience do not value every moment. More than personal resilience. Do like to read my spiritual texts and like zorastrian idea of a flame about each persons head representing individual energy. If metaphor of atmosphere of earth used as metaphor for human spiritual energy maybe some truth in mortal body returning to dust and energy of the soul returning to some communal area for reallocation. Also been watching tv program about oldest original painting of Lucifer. A red angel and a blue angel. Humans not meant to be depressed or oppressed, a warm buzz of ideas much better than regulation of creativity by those in power who dictate who says what and when for their own ends. Jobs dying when said that. Unfortunately do agree sometimes inventions and creativity building on the ideas of others. Progress happens and good but not for us to judge someoone else's truth as good or bad, for us to sort ourselves out first. A personal truth not universal truth. Truth too much like tooth and teeth bite. For me it is in the balancing of light and darkness, pain and joy and definately 'all ahead slow' when navigating minefield of inventiveness. Fun formulas C=Ettr2=C plus new one Pi*z*z*a. Pizza one saw in Sunday newspaper yesterday. Adapting for mine C=Pi r squared = C. Equals sign like double chemical bonds. Anyway what I am trying to say is balance and moderation and 'all ahead slow' when navigating any potentially hazardous space.

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