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What should a business be today and what is the best way to achieve it?

I would like to ask the Ted community what a business should be at the very core. Should a business make money and how should it raise its funds? Where should a business be located and what values should it hold at heart? What are examples of corporations you admire?


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  • Nov 19 2012: To answer your first question "Should a business make money?" Every business including non-profit organizations have to turn a profit to continue to keep the doors of that vaery business open. Even a non profit organization has to have a plan on how they will continue to provide a service or a need to the public. At the core of that organization is how can we turn a profit. Regarding location of a business that should truly be determined on the nedd of that product in any particular area. You should also take into consideration competition, tax implications, as well as can the be done more effeciently outside of where you plan to operate your business. So when you look at corporations I admire you have to look at companies that have had longevity, global product, and well run. The first business that comes to mind is Mcdonalds. I dot have to give any introduction to their brand and what they provide as a business due to how well organized as a corporation and widespread through out the world. I have not traveled to every country in the world, however I do expect to see a Mcdonalds throughout the majority of the world and I know what I am about to consume.

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