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What should a business be today and what is the best way to achieve it?

I would like to ask the Ted community what a business should be at the very core. Should a business make money and how should it raise its funds? Where should a business be located and what values should it hold at heart? What are examples of corporations you admire?


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  • Nov 17 2012: I think corporations are inherently problematic. The corporate imperative has become narrowly focused on making as much short term profit as possible. Unfortunately this virtually compels those who run the business to ignore any social factors which interfere with those profits. Even the most moral and ethical corporate leaders are compelled both legally and practically to pursue that imperative.

    Ideally, a business should be started when an unfulfilled need has been identified by an individual or group of individuals who have the means and the will to fulfill that need. Profits should be a pleasant by-product of serving the community.

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