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Retirement age should be extended to match increased life expectancy.

Is a fact that the older we grew, the more health benefits we will be requiring. Also, lots of years at work came with lots of experience that can be used to train the young.


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  • Nov 16 2012: I agree with David that considerations would need to be made for individuals, who, because of an increased retirement age, would remain in the workplace beyond the current traditional time frame, around 65. Even if the average life expectancy reaches 90 doesn't mean that most people should still be working into their seventies. I do believe that we should find ways of keeping retirement age employees around for a bit longer, though, especially in regards to trade jobs. Many of the trade people reaching retirement age hold a wealth of information that younger generations would have difficult time acquiring, if they are choosing to acquire the information at all. As an additional benefit to increasing retirement age, retirement tends to decrease life expectancy. Apparently, as much as we all like time to relax, staying busy could actually be keeping us alive...

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