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Has desegregation been a help or hurt to people of color, specifically the African American community?

Some people believe that desegregation has helped to advance the African American community, while others believe that it has gradually began to deplete the culture and sense of community brought over from African during the diaspora. My challenge for us as global citizens is to maturely discuss issues with race and ways that we can progress forward for the betterment of humankind. Also, I wanted to courageously share with you a topic that comes up in African American conversations. My knowledge is limited to the African American community, but this conversation is open to all who share a similar experience.


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  • Nov 5 2012: Seriously stop we should stop letting media influence our kids. They make girls feel ugly and unlikelable, then say if you want a guy u have to do ..... and wear ..... and buy alot of products to look good. But really they should be encouraged to like themselves, they get put down enough at school. Young men are encouraged by media to act like dicks and be violent because it looks cool on tv. Seriously compare the the last 30 years of action movies with the last 30 years of action movie standard. You the difference it has less violence and more sex content. One encouraging over is better than encouraging violence. 2nd because they encourage a lot of safe sex and instead of secretly promoting things with sex, and then guilt people into buying redemption from the church with Abstinence RINGS or tithes to support the ever dying church.
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      Nov 7 2012: I agree that modern culture, especially advertising driven media, has contributed a perverse sexual culture... and the various religious, and self help organizations that profit from redeeming people from that path...

      I would only add... There is an element of this discussion which is a bit misleading... Culture doesn't create these desires... It manipulates them. Young boys are the king of the jungle, they're designed to stomp around and see what the boundaries of their empire are. They are designed to spread the seed, and say or do anything they have to in order to propagate their genes. We are animals, the lizard brain, exists in every one of us. Young women are designed to kind of like that. Tall, strong, quick, alpha males, almost obsolete in a technocratic society... that's what young women naturally look for.

      We are animals... and we are only evolving beyond it very slowly... I think if we are unwilling to accept that, and teach our children about some of the negative, destructive aspects of our built in programming, we will have difficulty getting pas them. In many ways youth culture, some of the most creative culture on the planet, is a giant game of seeking "high value sexual partners", and language, and careers are our plumage... Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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