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Has desegregation been a help or hurt to people of color, specifically the African American community?

Some people believe that desegregation has helped to advance the African American community, while others believe that it has gradually began to deplete the culture and sense of community brought over from African during the diaspora. My challenge for us as global citizens is to maturely discuss issues with race and ways that we can progress forward for the betterment of humankind. Also, I wanted to courageously share with you a topic that comes up in African American conversations. My knowledge is limited to the African American community, but this conversation is open to all who share a similar experience.


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  • Nov 5 2012: Ok as I young African American I can completely understand your confusion about this and let me convey with a underlining truth that it was necessary. I sure imagining a time without equal rights seems strange, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't of happened If you believe this Then their is a interesting movie called Confederate States of America that depicts what would happen to the US if the south won.
    Still that doesn't change current problems in our community our sense of unity. We are no longer a community of people who care about education, or each other. We have taken a very dark turn where a lot the young black teens only care about living for today's not tomorrow's satisfaction. Most Africans in Public High Schools in rural areas are subjected to a Superficial behavior, along with A belief that today's Rappers along with people from Reality TV shows are good Role Models that they should follow. I remember seeing a vibe magazine that cover photo Had one of the real Desperate housewives on along with 3 other women, who were dressed like matching Hooker's and the title said today's role models.
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      Nov 5 2012: Thank you for sharing your thoughts Kenya. Are you implying that desegregation, although it was necessary, resulted in a reduced sense of unity, lower educational standards, and a lack of role models?

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