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Has desegregation been a help or hurt to people of color, specifically the African American community?

Some people believe that desegregation has helped to advance the African American community, while others believe that it has gradually began to deplete the culture and sense of community brought over from African during the diaspora. My challenge for us as global citizens is to maturely discuss issues with race and ways that we can progress forward for the betterment of humankind. Also, I wanted to courageously share with you a topic that comes up in African American conversations. My knowledge is limited to the African American community, but this conversation is open to all who share a similar experience.


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  • Nov 4 2012: My dad told me my grandfather said: "integration done screwed us up..." As I matured I understood. I wasn't around then but I understood our interdependence among the negro community was stronger. We had physicians, attorneys, and the dollar remained in the community. I'm afraid there's no yes or no answer. It's quite complicated.
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      Nov 5 2012: I believe that the interdependence was out of necessity due to the norms of society. I think the bigger issue is when a culture remains intact and segregated because it is who they are versus a community that remains segregated because it has been forced to remain in such a state.

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