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Should artists, creatives and TEDsters run for local office?

Richard Florida and others have written about The Creative Class. Is there Creative Class consciousness? What do all TED talks and TED talkers and TED attendees have in common? Is it enough to trigger political participation? Are artists leaders - that is, do we (you) have a set of values, experiences and talents desperately needed in public life. Hell yes. If you are reading this, run for local office and bring those skills and values into government. Before it's too late.

Read my argument in a slim manifesto you can download for free from Lulu @ http://tinyurl.com/AmericaNeedsYou.


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    Jul 23 2011: Somehow, our ignorant youth have grown far to comfortable with somebody taking care of them.
    We as elders put up with their screaming and kicking against the establishment that provided the Ignorant and misguided a platform for their antics.

    So....the Democrats, buying votes with the Taxpayers money, has provied Medecade for the peoplw who cannot pay, or at least SAY they cannot pay.
    That program is among many the Democrats bought votes with.
    We elders knew better, but did not speak out and the younger and poor in spirit voted for the Democrats.
    Now we are stuck in a rut of too many with thier hands out, and too few paying taxes.
    Most of the Votes go to the Democrats. The weak with their lack of Integrity and Responsibilty will stay on the hind Tit forever.

    The Mexicans cost us a lot more that most people realize.
    Think of the Border patrol, Medicade, Crime in the Cities, Drugs, Educaing their Anchor Babies on our Nickle, as well as the "what to do about Poncho" in all American cities and states where the Fed's refuse to re-imburse us for our costs in dealing with the Mexicans. The list goes on.

    Repeat offenders, revolving door prisons.
    The weak at heart think the rest of us are being cruel.
    Freedom is not Free. We have borders, and rules for a reason.
    Our rights to the persuit of Wealth, Health and Happiness are being drubbed by the weak at heart.
    Someone needs to 'harden up' and start the Mexicans rushing back to the land where Crime and Poverty rule.

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