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Should artists, creatives and TEDsters run for local office?

Richard Florida and others have written about The Creative Class. Is there Creative Class consciousness? What do all TED talks and TED talkers and TED attendees have in common? Is it enough to trigger political participation? Are artists leaders - that is, do we (you) have a set of values, experiences and talents desperately needed in public life. Hell yes. If you are reading this, run for local office and bring those skills and values into government. Before it's too late.

Read my argument in a slim manifesto you can download for free from Lulu @ http://tinyurl.com/AmericaNeedsYou.


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    Jul 8 2011: The Current elected group does not believe in: "Of the people, by the People and for the People".
    The DNC is activly trying to control the U.S. Citizenry by Hook or by Crook.

    One thing that would put a stop to the Political Checanery would be Impechment and Trial by jury.
    Why Americans are so apathetic to the Pol's is the real problem. That attitude will allow the DNC and the Liberal press to succeed.

    Those who will not be self Goverened, will be Governed by others. A bunch of lazy minded sick puppies out there, ignoring the facts and the Voting booth.

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