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Will time ever come to an end?

I have been reading a few different articles discussing the "end of time". They mostly talk about how modern physics suggests that at a certain point, all activity in the universe will cease, and there will be no renewal or recovery. My question is basically asking, if this were to happen, wouldn't time theoretically continue? Is time only a measurement of activity, or can it exist without any interaction of matter?

Here are some of the articles I have read:





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    Nov 5 2012: Apart from human constructs intended to explain such things as Time, Eternity, Consciousness, Love, etc. we are unable to formulate a Law of Time. I think Time is "a measurement of activity" as you say. After all, if nothing changed what purpose would Time serve? If temperature never changed what purpose would temperature measurement serve? If the force of gravity never changed (which it doesn't) why would there be a need for a measurement system of the force of gravity? So long as there is change there is a need for Time to measure it. Will there be a point in human history where all change will cease? Natural science has no answer so we must look to the supernatural realm. I believe the Holy Bible answers your question in the affirmative. Time shall be no more.

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