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The difference between Jarbs and Work.

We all watch these TED talks. we are awe-inspired and challenged.
But what is it that makes these speakers so compelling?

It is the difference between Jarbs and Work. All these speakers demostrate that difference by presenting the fruit of their Work to us.

Each election cycle we listen to the endless rhetoric of politicians whose moth spouts the word "Jarbs" in every sentence. What is this thing "Jarb".

A "Jarb" is an economic unit indicating the value extracted from an individual to fuel a thing called "economy".

Economy is a machine designed to harvest the surplus value from individuals for the free disposal of the machine-makers.

How can you tell if your value (labor) is being applied to Work or Jarb?

Ask yourself - who/what do i work for?
If the answer is "money" or some stranger or corporation - you are in a Jarb.
If the answer is "myself", "my family", "My community", "my contribution to humanity", "my dream" then you are in Work.

Only those undertaking Work are presented on TED.
I chose to add Faith Jegede's talk as a reference here - but I nominate every single TED talk as reference.
Are you equal to these people?
If not - abandon your Jarb and find your Work - that is the only difference.

Closing Statement from Mitch SMith

Here's another angle:
This demonstrates both the difference of Jarb/Work and how the resulting power and liberation magnify our value to ourselves and the world.

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    Nov 4 2012: I have always worked in a driven way for causes that are compelling to me. Sometimes I have been paid and sometimes not, but when these eyes close a final time, I will feel I have poured myself into work that was worthwhile to undertake.

    Mitch, you have not shared what your Work is.
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      Nov 4 2012: Hi Fritzie,

      My work? I have recently completed a major effort bringing the simple system flute (pennywhistle) back into my culture. There remains a certain maintenance task. The process delivered an amazing body of insight concerning culture and economics - revealing a great number of fallacies in accepted popular reality.
      My new work is to integrate neural dynamics with popular appreciation of reality. It represents a simplification of world views and dispells a lot of harmful mysticism. This is very important at a time when distrust is becoming a major industry though the professional shock-jocks and conspiracy peddlars.

      The core mission remains - "discovering doors to heaven - and opening them for all to enter". This is based on one of my first discoveries that heaven is here and now - but so is hell. My intuition is that humans have no business in hell and will not choose it if given the choice
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    Nov 4 2012: I'm a lazy bastard oscilating between jarbs and unemployment, doomed to haunt the TED forums and never make it on the TED stage.
    If I start a project, it's aborted as soon as I've milked everything sweet about it at dinner parties, when people ask what I do. Then the sweetness is gone and all that is left is work.
    The next time I meet the same people, I use kids as an excuse and brag about a new project.
    TED x Lazy Fucks - Gerald O'brian : What I've learned from watching TED talks.
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      Nov 4 2012: LOL!

      It's true, TED cred 50+ is not a badge of honour ;)
      Potential anything is exactly equal to nothing until that potential is discharged.
      All gas and grumble .. until something takes you by the nose - and out it comes, delivers great chunks of value, mucks up your life and when you look around - there's another 5 years of sweet dinner parties till the next time. nos habemi humus.

      Patience and good supportive friends helps.
      What's your latest project?
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        Nov 4 2012: I'm multimedia in my attempts at playing artist. Close friends have given up on asking how my novel/script/song/graphic novel/animation movie is going. They know it'd be embarrassing for me.
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          Nov 4 2012: Many years ago I was running a techno rock band.
          One of our members, Ivan, was an electronic engineer - very handy!
          It came to pass that we got hold of an Oberheim drum machine .. very new technology and one of the first of the wave-sample synthesysers ever produced.
          But we had a problem - a band absolutely MUST have someone violently hitting things with sticks - it's part of the theatre, and without it, the live experience would be damaged for the audience.
          So we had to contrive an interface.
          Ivan did the research and one day came to my house to open up the drum machine and isolate the trigger circuits on the drum machine. He then set about drawing the circuit diagram for a set of Schmidt triggers that would convert a microphone signal into a rising-edge pulse that would trigger the sounds in the machine.
          Once he was satisfied with his design, he stopped.
          I said - OK - let's build it!
          He came up with a string of excuses - each of which I countered.
          And so the job began. The first show stopper was that his circuit photo-etching kit didn't have the UV light. So I reminded him that sunlight has a lot of UV. So out into the sun it went.
          Unfortunately, we had no measure of the UV level and it got under-exposed leaving too much copper on the board - and we'd run out of photo-disolve.
          So we ground all the copper off the board where we could.and manually assembled the circuitry with distinct wires.
          The unit was completed at about 5am, afer a bunch of other "show stoppers" and wired into the drum machine. We tested it and it worked brilliantly . was pretty ugly to look at .. but it worked.
          Our next big show stopper was that we didn't have enough microphones.
          So the band went around and found a bunch of telephone mouth-mikes (not telling you where from).
          The mics were mounted in hobby board hexagons with conveyor belt rubber discs as striking surfaces - then all spray painted black for cosmetics.
          The rig went on stage as the paint was drying.
          The show must go on.
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          Nov 5 2012: Gerald, you probably know that most creative types have the tendency to start a project and then get more excited about a different one and switch to that, and so forth.

          Because it's such a common problem, there are actually a host of sources of excellent advice, as well as pretty thin advice, for how to win that battle and actually get some things done.

          My favorite people who provide I think great advice on questions like this are novelist and screenwriter Steven Pressfield (check out his blog) and psychotherapist and creative coach Mark McGuinness (@Lateral Action).
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    Nov 5 2012: Hi Mitch,
    Not sure why you used the word "Jarbs". I looked for a meaning, and all I could find was in the military means "joint acquisition review board", and that does not seem consistant with your idea. Are you creating your own definition?

    The thing that makes most TED speakers compelling to me, is that most of them are truly following their heart and passionate about their topic.

    I have always considered my life experience to be WORK/PLAY. EVERY single activity I engage in offers the opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve with the exploration of the life adventure. I do what I love and/or love what I do, with passion, and mindful awareness.

    I sincerely hope you experience that as well, because it is truly rewarding as an individual, and from the feedback I get, apparently it contributes to the whole in a beneficial way:>)
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      Nov 5 2012: HI Colleen,

      Yes "Jarbs" well, I've been watching the presidential debates - it seems to be a word defined by American politicians not me. They use it an awful lot .. I'm assuming they mean the equivalent of what Australians call "jobs".

      It's quite convenient to have that distinction, because a new symbolic representation provides a chance to differentiate the meaning in the context of American politics. As I am doing here.
      It is obvious to me that these "Jarbs" are different to the notion of jobs that I was raised with .. but it identifies a continuum showing an evolution of what these effort consuming activities actually are.and what differentiates them.

      I am glad that our language is a living one - the only languages that are defined by dictionaries are the languages of dead civillisations - nice to be in a living one.

      I am also glad that you seem to be involved in "Work" as defined by the "who/what do I work for" test.

      My purpose here is to make huamnity the gift of knowledge - a tool to illuminate our decisions concerning the only thing we truly own: our effort.

      Do you find some fault in that?
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    Nov 4 2012: Hey! I'm self employed and find i'm paying the accountant who dictates the law as a power play for the i.r.d, As a little guy you either back them off or get run over, it's the little guys they want the most to pay, it's amazing how a government can hide spending bungles and then use another issue to hide it.

    This may look like i'm trolling but the only problem i have with some of the talks is the hand gestures not the content. I find that i personally take in or comprehend the speaker better if they have less hand gestures, i realize i'm probably the only one who has this gesture distraction problem but Yeah, it's kind of off putting, especially if it's cued.

    The most natural speaker i liked was Nancy Duarte's Talk "The Secret structure of great talks" Smooth,Natural, one hand gestures, so i wasn't distracted from her face.

    Checkout these guys, the video's don't have the Q&A but the podcasts do, i know this sounds traitorous but i learn more from these talks on that site. Theodore put me onto to it.
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      Nov 4 2012: Yeah, Theo is good value.

      I can speak gesture, so I have no problem with it .. I enjoy the redundancy - it helps to understand context and to detect if the speaker has conflict in what's coming out the mouth.

      So - self employed - for what or whom?
  • Nov 4 2012: This could result in interesting definitions. Jarbs doesn't sound too pleasant. Of course, isn't that the point. Classical economics and science and livestock raising/ecology provide tools more powerful than many of our opinion makers admit.
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      Nov 4 2012: So - who/what do you work for?
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    Nov 4 2012: Well Mitch, my J O B is related to my work and contributes to my work. But my work is so much greater than my job. And I get paid. Not much mind you. I would never be able to afford a Ted conference for instance.

    But in this economy, I am grateful that my work is valued enough that I have a job. Not everyone can say that. Whether they have work or a job.
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      Nov 4 2012: Very astute!
      Ones work usually involves distinct jobs. Some of which might involve playing the Jarb game.

      But what was your answer to "who/what do you work for?"
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        Nov 4 2012: My people.

        Both my work and my job contribute to my people. It's called creating a legacy. Creating a social change that will provide opportunity for many. Something that will continue to benefit long after I am gone. The outcome of my work should sustain itself for generations.

        Unfortunately most individuals cannot or are not able to define who their people are. It's what keeps me going when I think I cannot anymore. It has a greater value than just me or my boss or my company. It makes a difference.