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Sweatshops: justified or not?

I am talking specifically about Chinese immigrant garment shops when I say sweatshops, specifically here IN American. I lot of people think that taking away sweatshops would somehow solve the problems of the people working there, but the truth is, the only thing that results is unemployment for these people. They are usually immigrant workers that don't speak the English language, they have no skills other than doing manual labor. The employers of these shops are also Chinese immigrants themselves, but they are not to blame since they are probably in the same situation as the workers, who most likely were sewing garments before they decided to start their own factory. Employers cannot afford to give higher wages or else they would give into competition and end up closing their shop anyways. So what now?


Here is a short clip of a garment shop I shot, it is in NYC. Whether or not this is a sweatshop, well I can't really say for sure, but it provides a good image of what a sweatshop would look like.


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