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Debate: Does antibiotic-resistant bacteria prove Darwin's theory of evolution?

MRSA is a bacterium which has EVOLVED to become resistent to antibiotics. Therefore, if someone gets infected then its extremely difficult for antibiotics to kill the Pathogens.
Many scientists think that we are using to many antibiotics and bacteria is becoming immune. This is a huge problem as how will we protect ourselves against these infectious diseases?

However, i am asking whether this evolution, that has taken place in our lifespan, proves, or helps prove, Charles Darwin's theory of Evolution?


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    Nov 5 2012: If man evolved from apes then why are there still apes.
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      Nov 5 2012: this is a serious question, or you try to provoke something?
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        Nov 5 2012: If you seek a fight then there will always be opportunity in all you see. If you seek knowledge then there will always be a opportunity to learn. Those are your decisions ... not mine.

    • Nov 5 2012: because we were a branch that evolved from teh ape. it doesnt mean all future apes are like us.
      like we have different types of monkeys today.
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      Nov 5 2012: The most accurate answer would be to point out that Human beings are Apes and more specifically Great Apes. I'm guessing however that, what you REALLY meant to ask is:

      "If man evolved from chimpanzees then why are there still chimpanzees."

      This at least is a species to species comparison. Ape is two levels higher. Humans are Great Apes which are Apes. Chimpanzees are Great Apes which are Apes.

      So for the answer to your question to be of any relevance, your starting assumption must be correct. So first let's ask:

      "Did man evolve from chimpanzees?". The answer is no. Chimpanzees and man evolved from a common ancestor. That common ancestor is not a chimpanzee (although arguably it is an Ape) or a man.

      Your question is akin to asking "If I was born from my cousin X why is there still my cousin X?". In fact, you and cousin x are descended from grandpa Y who is neither you nor your cousin.

      Done. Now you have two choices: either add what I just said to your knowledge of the subject and update your views (even if just that specific bit) or continue to repeat that false question to the exasperation of your peers. If you chose the latter, the only real victim of this choice is yourself, you would be willfully keeping yourself ignorant. Surely you have your best interest at heart?

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