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Debate: Does antibiotic-resistant bacteria prove Darwin's theory of evolution?

MRSA is a bacterium which has EVOLVED to become resistent to antibiotics. Therefore, if someone gets infected then its extremely difficult for antibiotics to kill the Pathogens.
Many scientists think that we are using to many antibiotics and bacteria is becoming immune. This is a huge problem as how will we protect ourselves against these infectious diseases?

However, i am asking whether this evolution, that has taken place in our lifespan, proves, or helps prove, Charles Darwin's theory of Evolution?


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    Nov 3 2012: no it is not, and the reason is that in science, no single thing proves anything. if you have a single observation, it can be explained in infinite number of ways. in science we are interested in models. can you come up with a system that can explain how the world works, and thus it is capable of making predictions? then we are happy.

    all we can say in science is:

    1. if an observation matches the model, we are happy
    2. if the observation does not match the model, we need to either tweak the model, or abandon it

    you can never ever prove theory.
    • Nov 3 2012: i agree, however i asked if it would help prove? a strong indicator towards the conclusion?
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        Nov 3 2012: if you mean strong as "we only need a hundred of these as opposed to a million to be confident" then yes. it is one important example of how selection works. with some care, it can be a good example for all mechanisms of evolution.

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