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What would it take for our youth to vote or become interested in democracy and politics? Why is there currently a disconnect?

Currently working on an advertising campaign for Elections Canada - trying to tackle the issue of youth apathy. Any ideas, insights or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    Nov 8 2012: Honestly I am surprised that No one has made any comments on my suggestions, The vote and who is allowed to exercise it in our country is the single most modified portion of the constitution the age has been changed from 21 to 18, the franchise extended to people of color and to women, its not unrealistic to modify the age down again in light of the shift in median age and the advancement of education and communication the voting percentage of those enfranchised is pretty sad, I suppose that the percentage might be a little better in a newly en franchised group, and its possible that they might continue to vote as time goes by. The future of the world is in the hands of the people we elect, why do we not let those who are going to inherit the fruits of their efforts help select them? As for the idea of having the school body represented in the town and county government it just makes sense that the interests of the students in the way that their community is regulated should be heard. I posted this in hopes that there might be some feed back, thank you.

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