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What would it take for our youth to vote or become interested in democracy and politics? Why is there currently a disconnect?

Currently working on an advertising campaign for Elections Canada - trying to tackle the issue of youth apathy. Any ideas, insights or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Nov 7 2012: When did you become interested in politics, and why? Sharing these stories would provide a lot of information on this topic.

    Youth perceive life differently than adults. To youth, the world is huge. There are billions of people doing billions of things for billions of reasons. It's all confusing. It's all noise. There are no patterns. It doesn't mean anything for a few people to be in charge, because everyone's in charge of their own life. Anyone can take charge and change the world. Youth have no idea what's really important because everything is new and strange. Youth are also insane. Youth become overwhelmed by their emotions and have trouble seeing the big picture.

    Adults have seen enough of the world to see the patterns. Adults make more money and have more property they want the government to protect. Adults know what is important to them because they have children who are the most important thing in the world.

    And yet you want youth to be involved and vote anyway. So, either you nurture youth into adults, or you make voting look really shiny. Most answers you get are ways to make voting look more shiny. Almost all the answers you get are ways to get into youth's faces. Changing youth is more effective when you're sneaky.

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