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What would it take for our youth to vote or become interested in democracy and politics? Why is there currently a disconnect?

Currently working on an advertising campaign for Elections Canada - trying to tackle the issue of youth apathy. Any ideas, insights or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Nov 3 2012: Well, as a college kid, I know some of it is apathy. I live in a different town from where i registered to vote. It took a bit of planning to get all of my absentee voting done in time. Not much, but enough to discourage others. That might be part of it. I bet if they had some kind of online-voting, there would be a lot more younger people interested. This could lead to a lot of corruption though. It is just an idea. If they somehow had a system in which students could vote at their university, I bet that would encourage voting. That might be problematic too though.

    I know a lot of college kids who are interested in politics.They are like a lot of the population in the regard that they are tired of the very polarized parties. I have even heard things like "Im not going to vote because there is no good candidate to vote for." Also, there are a significant number of liberal thinkers on campus. I live in Alabama which is a very conservative state. The very real fact that their vote might "not count" in the electoral system is very prevalent.

    Overall, I think teenage apathy is cause by many of the reasons that middle-aged voter turnout is so low.

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