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Debate: Lifetime "sex offender" brand for teenagers

A California 14 year old girl has been assigned to the life registery for sex offenders. She sent a photo of her exposed breast to another teen via her cell phone. Under California law she sent sexually explicit materials to a minor and that in a sex crime.

I am all for life time "brands" for sexual preditors, rapists, etc .... My question is ... does the bad judgement of a teenager qualify her to be listed among the bad of the bad for life. Are there degrees of conduct that could be considered or is the one size fits all the right way to go.


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  • Nov 5 2012: I am abhorred that a minor who's brain is no where near having a fully developed frontal lobe, should she be punished This severly. sure there are consequences to our actions good or bad and humans learn from the reaction to our decisions but to give a 14 year old a scarlet letter for the rest of her life for a photo sent no matter what it showed I think the policy should be

    But to play devils advocate, would people react the same if the gender roles was reversed and it was a Male who was a minor sending these type images to female minor?
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      Nov 7 2012: Michele, I agree and suggested that documentation should be made and after repeated offenses the person has demonstrated that they require harsher sanctions. For those who learn and grow from their mistakes should not be "branded".

      Your role reversal is a valid observation and and I used it in my reply to David. We all want to protect our little girls. This certainly demonstrates how much times have changed. At the age of seventy I would be much more harsh against the male offender. My old world culture/morals/ethics are showing.

      One of my major concerns would be that the picture will sooner or later be shared .. when this occurs how will the young lady react .... this could be from indifference to suicide ... Then people like yourself in social work and a background in medical will have to try to piece the life back together.

      Thanks for the reply and the observations. All the best. Bob.

      P.S. Good luck in your studies.

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