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Debate: Lifetime "sex offender" brand for teenagers

A California 14 year old girl has been assigned to the life registery for sex offenders. She sent a photo of her exposed breast to another teen via her cell phone. Under California law she sent sexually explicit materials to a minor and that in a sex crime.

I am all for life time "brands" for sexual preditors, rapists, etc .... My question is ... does the bad judgement of a teenager qualify her to be listed among the bad of the bad for life. Are there degrees of conduct that could be considered or is the one size fits all the right way to go.


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  • Nov 5 2012: It's a one size fits all world, I always thought so based on three things, its cheaper, it generates less thought and it allows for those who choose, to get away with anything...right or wrong it all evolves from a lack of responsibility by those in charge and the ones who created this sexually revved up and focused world...the male population, which as guys we all deny but agree it is male dominated, so where did the focus on sex come from...I know woman right?

    Firstly, I am not aware of this story, however my thoughts are, there should be considerations, sadly it certainly would not be the only example. Maturity is a natural cycle, no one should be held guilty of it!

    Good point on the hiding remark.

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