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Debate: Lifetime "sex offender" brand for teenagers

A California 14 year old girl has been assigned to the life registery for sex offenders. She sent a photo of her exposed breast to another teen via her cell phone. Under California law she sent sexually explicit materials to a minor and that in a sex crime.

I am all for life time "brands" for sexual preditors, rapists, etc .... My question is ... does the bad judgement of a teenager qualify her to be listed among the bad of the bad for life. Are there degrees of conduct that could be considered or is the one size fits all the right way to go.


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    Nov 3 2012: This reminds me of the 3 strike law in that hearings are decided by a policy and bypass professionals in favor of rule by the tyranny of the majority.
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      Nov 3 2012: Pat, I got this from KTLA a local LA new station. I went to their web site and then to special reports and there was the video it is about three minutes and the attorney discusses the 14 year old on the life list. It is a interesting story.

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        Nov 3 2012: No doubt the mother who started this suffered an unspeakable tragedy. However the trial is meant to be heard and decided by judges not mindless policies.

        I would think that aggressive prosecutors and detectives push this to be able to get whatever brownie points they can get.
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        Nov 3 2012: Why are these "children" being prosecuted under this law, when they give violent criminals plea bargains
        This is not what the law was intended for.

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        Nov 3 2012: Robert

        How much of this problem is caused by prosecutors who push plea bargaining to bolster their record?
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          Nov 4 2012: There is probally a combination of many factors. As you say prosecuters, cyber police, the mother groups, and the biggests two factors I can think of near elections and upcoming budget fights.

          The little girl is more than likely a political casuality.

          After the elections they may revisit these calls. It would be political poison to challenge the laws or make any waves at this time.

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