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Do we need extensive human rights when we have morals?

Human rights are what make us human and enable us to respect humans and what a human stands for. We have human rights for most things in our daily life.
A new right is that prisoners (in the UK) should have the right to vote in the General Election. This has produced a large amount of controversy which, therefore, means that we are questioning our earlier morals which we thought were correct? How can we trust our instinctive moral decisions if other people can provoke us to question them?


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    Nov 9 2012: As a resource of insight into potentially the worst of childhood experiences,this group of inmates has first hand opinions of what needs to be changed.I think we cannot discard this unfortunate source of data,that reflects the failings of some aspects of our social construct. It would be like trying to cure cancer and never interviewing the cancer victim. These individuals are part of the evidence all is not great and should be included in politics. When it comes to my morals,I would feel a bit more worried if no one asked me to review or explain them. The need to reflect,revise and review my behaviour in relation to how the group experiences me may be humbling,but to deliver an unchangeable ultimatum would limit the real underpinning of all my efforts,and that is to be interactive and adaptable to the universe.

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