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Do we need extensive human rights when we have morals?

Human rights are what make us human and enable us to respect humans and what a human stands for. We have human rights for most things in our daily life.
A new right is that prisoners (in the UK) should have the right to vote in the General Election. This has produced a large amount of controversy which, therefore, means that we are questioning our earlier morals which we thought were correct? How can we trust our instinctive moral decisions if other people can provoke us to question them?


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    Nov 7 2012: What morals do we have? What evidence regarding specifics? How do we define , 'what is moral'? To whom, by whom?

    If we had morals would we have poverty, greed, violence, war, genocide or destroying our once garden planet?

    If the 'status quo' represents our morals, I would conclude; we have none.

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