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Do we need extensive human rights when we have morals?

Human rights are what make us human and enable us to respect humans and what a human stands for. We have human rights for most things in our daily life.
A new right is that prisoners (in the UK) should have the right to vote in the General Election. This has produced a large amount of controversy which, therefore, means that we are questioning our earlier morals which we thought were correct? How can we trust our instinctive moral decisions if other people can provoke us to question them?


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    Nov 2 2012: Hi, We need a very large and important law on privacy that should be focused on science.
    Is a very important issue that should be discussed at an international human right court but also should be gradualy made public this law just to people in trouble so the public is protected and only those with problems of this kind should know that their privacy was in some way invaded. And people should have the right to make complains for friends if they observe some problems without the afected person company to know and solved in a final process by authorities.
    Is a very important issue that affect all of us and future. Children are the one who suffer most becouse they do not know how to explain the bad feelings and is not well to tell to a children that has something wrong and scare him becouse do not know what you are talking about and feel only you scare. Is not good eather to teach the children about becouse this way you invade the childhood.

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